Man charged with removing dinosaur print


I dd not understand this article…why would some guy spend all kind of time removing such a valuable artifact, and then just dump it in a river when hes done with it? Im assuming he is just stupid, as he probably did not know how valuable such a thing was, but why remove it from the ground for a short time and then destroy it?

I hope he gets the 45 years!


You hope he gets 45 years?

That isn’t nice is it.

Anyway, that isn’t a footprint from a dinosaur, how on earth could it be?


Why wouldn’t it be? There are quite a few in that area.




Me thinks he plans to sell it.


45 years?

I can stab a random person to death on the street and get 25.

Bit of a discrepancy in severity.


Would have to agree with this. And of course, it’s now well-established in U.S. law, that “If the footprint doesn’t fit, you’ve got to acquit.” Just need the right dino witness.





That’s your explanation of why you don’t think it’s a dinosaur footprint?

Okay . . . :shrug:




After he removed it, the news said he dumped it into a river, so I dont think he knew how valuable it was, or…?

The 45 years is due to the serious nature of the crime…after all this was a dinosaur footprint, a species that has not existed for millions of years!!! What he did is pretty serious in my opinion.


I dont understand this comment…? This area he took it from has lots of dinosaur footprints, in fact if you look around online, you can find lots of articles/ pictures about dinosaur footprints found all over the world, most are in museums.


Do you really believe as a Catholic that God created huge dinosaurs on the land to trample mankind underfoot?

Do you also believe that a footprint of any kind can hang around for so long and yet a human skull will return to dust?

Do you believe everything that scientists tell you?





I just don’t even know where to start with this. Other than to maybe suggest trying a new foil hat


No, God did not create dinosaurs to trample mankind underfoot. Mankind wasn’t around yet, then.

Yes, a footprint can last that long, under the right circumstances.

Science does NOT contradict faith. However, you have every right to live in a fantasy world. I guess it’s ‘nice’ to know that the education system in the US isn’t the only one that’s broken; obviously yours is, too.


Exactly, it is soooooo much more serious than murder.:rolleyes:


The world is only four thousand years old and God created man on the sixth day, so those dinosaurs must have come and gone pretty quickly.:bigyikes:


Sometimes I despair of our future.


Let me get this right…You are questioning whether dinosaurs even existed!!!

OMG!..Uh, its not a matter of believing mainstream science, dinosaur bones fossilize over the years, so they turn to rock, and will last millions of years in this state.

finding these fossilized bones IS proof they existed, by studying the bones, we can determine what kind of creature it was, what else could have left all those bones behind anyway?

Hold on…Are you an adult or a young kid trying to get people in an uproar? Im thinking the latter, especially since they are questioning whether dinosaurs were real or not! LOL

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