Man Fired from Macy's after 26 years because he was Catholic


He alleges.

Looks like the trouble started when he attempted to stop a transgender person from using the ladies room. And when he told his bosses it went against his faith to allow such a thing, they suspended and then fired him (and he claims this was despite never asking him if he’d actually follow their rules on allowing transgender persons to use the bathroom of their identified gender)


Have to side with Macy’s on this one. It’s their bathroom, not the employees’.


True, but according to the employee he also never stated he wouldn’t comply with the store’s policy. Just that he disagreed with it and felt it was wrong according to his faith.


In retrospect, the fired employee also didn’t believe that the man in question identified as a woman. Why? Because he came out of the bathroom holding hands with his girlfriend.

As stated before, the problem is that there is no way to know whether a person truly identifies as the other gender - and so anyone can just claim to be the other gender and use the other gender’s bathroom.


In effect, it just means that men are free to use the women’s facilities and vice versa.


It’s against his faith to allow a a person to use the rest room designated for the opposite sex? Really? Please. I haven’t needed to do this often but I have used a men’s restroom when the women’s had a line and the men’s room was empty. I’m certain I didn’t sin or violate some other Church rule. :rolleyes:


Fired over catholic faith…does Catechism, Code of Canon Law, or other Catholic teaching discuss how using the wrong bathroom jeopardizes salvation?:shrug:


I’m not quite sure what it actually means for it to be against someone’s religion. If it were necessary for him to assist and participate with someone’s usage of the restroom I could understand.

I’ve done this before too. Generally for the restrooms I have been in the women’s rooms are much nicer. Newer buildings in the areas I frequent have individual restrooms that any one can use. That setup pretty much stops all arguments and concerns. It’s not something older buildings can do. But I expect this to become less of a concern over time.


I agree.


Confused men need to stay OUT of the ladies bathroom.


Strange times.


This is true, but the strange thing is, they are sort of expecting police to be able to determine rather quickly what is going on in cases like this…now how are they going to be able to tell if a guy is truly transgender or just some pervert looking for a thrill, it would be a he said, she said case, no way for anyone to figure out the real truth, at least not within a few minutes…?? LOL


Eight years ago everyone knew which restroom to use. Simpler times.


Six months ago, everyone knew which restroom to use.


Yes, just imagine what we will be questioning/ debating in the next 10-20 yrs! What other common sense stuff will be totally thrown out the window?

Maybe age will be the next thing, Im 42 but I really feel like Im 10…so Im going to fight for this, to be legally recognized as the age I ‘feel’ or identify with…anything is possible really.


Someone beat you to it. There’s a sixty or something year old man that identifies as an eight year old girl.


It is just disgusting that something like this has happened. He had every right to object to that policy regardless of whether or not Macy’s thought he had that right. Personally, I would have refused to comply with the policy as well as voicing my disagreement with it. If I were to get fired for my job for doing so then so be it, at least I would have held firm to beliefs.


I personally admire him for his courage. Whether or not he was right to do so in anyone’s eyes, he acted upon his conscience, stood up for his faith, and served God instead of any selfish interests. So kudos to this man and I’ll be keeping him in my prayers.


The age thing never worked for me. On bad days, I used to ask, “If you are as old as you feel, why can’t I get a Social Security check?” Now I really do get the check and senior discounts, but how can a business deny those discounts to people who feel old on a particular day? Why shouldn’t the 90% of 16 year olds who will tell you they are mature for their age be allowed to vote? Reality has become a meaningless concept and replaced by subjective feelings.


Scary. If the article is correct, then the Macy’s restrooms are not safe. My family will avoid their stores in the future.

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