Man gets prison for posting nude photos of ex-wife on Internet

from the NY Daily News:

Man gets prison for posting nude photos of ex-wife on Internet

Guys looking to get back at their exes by posting nude photos of them online may want to think twice, or they may see jail time.

Thomas Gillen, a Maryland resident who formerly lived in Queens, has been sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for doing just that.

According to Queen District Attorney Richard Brown, Gillen admitted he created an Internet account in his ex-wife’s name, contacted several men, flirt with them, then sent along naked photos of his ex-wife. He also posted the nudie pics online.

He did this, reports say, 1,577 times between November 2007 and July 2008.
This wasn’t Gillen’s first time getting busted for this kind of offense. He was charged and sentenced to five years probation back in 2006 for similar offenses.

I’m glad he’s going to prison, too bad he didn’t the first time. Of course, the pictures are out there forever :frowning:

That’s harsh. That’s more time than many pedophiles and drunk drivers get. I don’t see how this is a legal issue. People shouldn’t let anyone take naked pictures of them if they don’t want it made public.

I agree with you don’t have photo’s of yourself doing stupid stuff and I consider nude photo’s of yourself stupid.

Now the guy did this 1577 times he is still on five years probation for this same offence.

Yeah he should go to jail for at least for just being stupid.

Middle school kids put nude photos of themselves on cell phones and post them on the web. In theory, they could be prosecuted for child pornography. Maybe they should be.

The article doesn’t say what he was convicted for. :confused:

It is hard to know if it was right or wrong without knowing the actual charge. Posting a nude picture is not illegal that I know of. Perhaps it was not for posting the pictures but rather posing as another person? Was it because he scammed people out of money? The journalist needs to go back to college.

Edited for more information:

Okay, now I understand why he is in prison. It has nothing to do with the OP’s article and title, that of just posting nude pictures of an ex-wife. Specifically,

Gillen pleaded guilty to felony identify theft


Gillen lucked out when he was arrested in 2006 - sexual abuse laws didn’t really cover the hell he put his estranged wife through and, sources said, she was afraid to testify against him. He was pretending to be his wife when he posted her nude photos, and solicited men online to join her in a “rape fantasy.” Several sickos actually showed up at the woman’s job hoping to fulfill the fantasy.

for this, he got probation. He then violated this probation and went to prison.

A very understandable sentence considering the circumstances. There are some lines one can not cross for revenge (legally speaking). Obviously none of this has to any bearing on the morality of the action, which was gravely sinful on all levels.

It sounds like there’s an element of second offense criminal fraud involved in this case. Also, some basic violations of common decency and ‘man laws’.

I agree that this sentence is over the top. It’s one of the reasons that our prisons are overflowing. I think we should keep prisions for the truly dangerous and used community-based punishments for offenders like this man.


I don’t know. Identity theft is pretty serious now days, especially if done for the purpose of attracting rapist to attack your ex.

Pretty broad generalization, don’t you think? What about your doctor, documenting a skin condition? For that matter, what about your husband (or yourself) documenting a skin condition, or height, weight, hairstyle, etc?

Just because a photo is taken, doesn’t mean everyone suddenly has the right to distribute that photo on the internet or elsewhere.

Let me rephrase it then. No one should pose nude in a suggestive way if they don’t want it being made public. A doctor would obviously be violating confidentiality if he posted the pictures, but there is no such agreement between partners. Unless a photo is copyrighted or stolen, people can share pictures they’ve taken. I think Paris Hilton is prime example of someone who only has herself to blame for agreeing to be caught doing certain things on camera.

I agree with the sentence after reading about the rape aspect. What he did was awful.

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