Man hangs ISIS-associated flag outside NJ home


A New Jersey man has raised a flag that is causing concern among his neighbors.

The man recently hung what some neighbors called an ISIS flag outside his home in Garwood. When a picture was posted onto Twitter, neighbors on Winslow Place called the police.

The flag, which is used by an Islamic extremist group responsible for violence in Iraq, has since been removed from display. Even so, neighbors still wonder why the flag was there to begin with.

PIX11 has confirmed the flag was on display at the home for at least three weeks.

Here is the flag they are speaking of (I cropped the image to remove the house number and preserve the man’s anonymity)

He claims it was a generic Islamic flag and not an ISIS flag. Decide for yourselves:

The ISIS flag:

An Islamic flag (with the Shahada written on it):

It could have been ignorance on the man’s part of dissimulation. I leave it for you to judge.


Well, last time I checked the US still had a 1st Amendment. Most Americans seem to forget this whenever Islam or Muslims are involved…




About 4 weeks ago we saw someone driving down a main road with ISIS written in the back window. I was so shocked I actually tried to dismiss it from my mind.

There are a lot of different groups throughout the world that seem to take to extremes. We just have to careful about them. I do hope and pray that nothing violent ever happens, but it seems more likely than ever. It is a worry.




Ugh, what a piece of work.


Didn’t realize Brandon Eich, formerly of Firefox was a Muslim.

Glad you set us straight on “most Americans”.

So his neighbors called the Police, so perhaps his violation of free speech was examined. I’d find less fault with the neighbors.


Most Americans seem to forget this whenever Islam or Muslims are involved?

Okay, sure there is this case and then there is?? Uh, let me see? Surely there is another case in this land of 300,000,000. I guess the neighbors should have been alarmed seeing this flag.

I see Israeli flags flown sometimes, I certainly don’t see people flying some rather ignominious flags of history though. Not in public view.


They need more nuns in NJ! This may have been posted elsewhere but even so, it deserves to be posted again:

Who is Sister Christine? Brave Nun, 77, Rips Down Isis Flag in Tower Hamlets


This happened in New Jersey, relatively near ground zero of 911.

ISIS is related to Al Qaeda yet yesterday, we heard on this forum, ISIS is not a recognized form of Islam.

Al Qaeda killed thousands at the Twin Towers, people jumping out of buildings.

I think these people are worth remembering for a moment as well besides those who might say “Muslims” right to free speech is being infringed.




And yet, the First Amendment doesn’t say “except when they or other members of their group/religion/nationality/etc. have done something horrible/criminal/offensive.”

No, I’m not being snarky. We need to consider whether we really believe in the Constitution or not. It’s not always convenient, and it’s not always comfortable.


The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.

[RIGHT]- Oliver Wendell Holmes, in Schnek v. United States, 249 U. S. 47[/RIGHT]

Seems to me that displaying an Al Qaeda flag right after 9-11 would be a visual equivalent. And displaying this flag right now, considering what is going on right now, could be considered the same.


Seems to me also, I don’t see where Islam is making any claims for the rights of Isis. They are a messianic, murderous, terrorist cult of the worst kind and according to the UN and USA.


Nice guy.

Can you think of a better way to say, “Oh, Homeland Security? Please track my internet use and phone records.”? I’m sure that’s just what he got, too. I wish everyone with such views were that obvious. It would make their job easier, wouldn’t it?


Freedom of speech and bad taste met that day and well, looks like safety won the day. Hey, I grew up too close to Philly to say what I’m thinking about it happening in Jersey. :rolleyes: They have great beaches though.



Only fair, right? Just hang the Isis flag right on up, I do it with the US flag.


Good for him-I am glad that he has realized what great freedoms we have in this country. He should keep in mind that ISIS would not allow him to hang a Jewish flag outside his home if they were in charge.


How do we measure their evil? Is it measured in total body count? Is it measured in the depravity of some of their actions? Is it measured in another way?

Or is it not measured at all, but just a faith-based “they’re evil because I feel like they are evil” kind of way?


Genocide and international law.

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