Man in "coma" heard everything for 23 years


It would seem that consciousness isn’t all we thought it was…maybe now is a good time to stop playing God with these people’s lives when they haven’t said how they want to be treated in these times. :wink:

If you’ve ever interacted with hospice, they’ll tell you that a person’s hearing is the last sense that ceases functioning.

“Mornings with Mother” had a very similar call about this on today’s broadcast.

I’m sure Terry S. couldn’t agree with you more.

P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed your artwork. Keep at it, you’ve got talent.

Well, in the case of this man he wasn’t just hearing things, he was fully conscious, just unable to respond. In the article it talks about him hearing his dad died and the immense pain he felt when the person at his hospital bed told him this, and he was totally unable to cry. I can’t even imagine what that must be like.

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