Man in women's locker room cites gender rule (Seattle)


"Seattle Parks and Recreation is facing a first-of-a-kind challenge to gender bathroom rules. A man undressed in a women’s locker room, citing a new state rule that allows people to choose a bathroom based on gender identity.’

To avoid any confusion about which bathroom to use based on gender they should simply put a penis on one door, a vagina on another and maybe a question mark on a third. I’m not sure what exactly they expected to happen with a law like this.

Is anyone with half a brain surprised by this? If so, what exactly did you expect to happen when they decided that actual gender was inconsequential to which restroom you use?

:smiley: Good a way as any to get the law changed.

If this goes like some of the school-based incidents that are similar, you’ll find that the “victim” is the man who decided to be gender-bending that day, and the “villains” are the intolerant, biased, hetero-normative females who unaccountably value their physical privacy over diversity and political correctness. Interestingly, the political elements who like to cry “war on women” seem to be strangely silent when something like this happens.

Anybody up for a trip to Seattle to go to a gym?

If reason fails to persuade then, perhaps, it’s time to start pulling stunts like this to wake people up. Better a protestor making a point than a genuine pedophile taking advantage of political stupidity.

Yeah, they value their physical privacy until the line for the women’s bathroom is too long at the bar at which point they shuffle into a stall in the men’s room.

So, just to clarify

  1. The person harassed no one
  2. The person leered at no one
  3. The person did not expose their genitalia
  4. The person did not express they identified as a woman

This is about changing rooms not bathrooms.

Then change what I said to changing rooms. My point is that bathrooms and changing rooms are or at least should be segregated based on sex, not gender. Why do men’s rooms (and changing rooms) have urinals and women’s rooms don’t? It’s because one was designed to be used by people with a penis and since women don’t typically have penises they don’t have urinals. I’m sorry but I don’t trust men when it comes to sexual matters, especially when the man is changing with younger women (as the story implied).


Go figure!

There are such things as female urinals FYI.

The hormones that transwomen take basically function as chemical castration.

The lesbian mayor of Houston tried to railroad that kind of law there. Several collages have already implemented the practice. I heard of at least one high school that now has to let a particular boy use the girls facilities, but the girls are allowed to leave 1st. The whole thing is out of control.

Boys will never be girls, girls will never be boys.

If sex (mistakenly called gender), is a subjective judgment, then why is the news article saying the person is a man? How did anyone actually make this determination? Merely looking like a man, whatever that actually means, isn’t sufficient to make you a man. It truly never was. But it really isn’t very reliable in this day of mutilation and surgery. I could never have imagined the insane world I’d live in.

As the law relies only on the individuals’ self-identification, I’ll ask this question here, too: Can you point out the immediately obvious, objectively measurable, and easily determinable trait that will allow any woman to determine if the individual beside her who has just disrobed to reveal a penis is transgender?

Is there a separate one for when he is in a hurry? Obviously they have to take their time sometimes.

Transwomen are generally extremely reluctant for others to see their genitalia pre-op

Could not tell you Vic. The parents of all the other kids fought it, but to no avail. I saw it on my Catholic news service a few months ago. Can’t remember exactly where it was now, but it was here in the U.S.

Just plain sick.

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