Man Jailed for Gmail Invite to Ex-Girlfriend



Man Jailed for Gmail Invite to Ex-Girlfriend

In what one expert on Internet privacy calls “a worst-case scenario,” a Massachusetts man was jailed for sending his ex-girlfriend (who had a restraining order against him) an email invitation to join Google+.
But Thomas Gagnon contends he didn’t send it; Google did, without his knowledge or consent.
When his ex-girlfriend received the invitation, according to the Salem News, she went to the police, complaining Gagnon had violated the restraining order by sending her the email. Police agreed and arrested him, the News reported. He was jailed then released on $500 bail.

A hearing in the case has been set for Feb. 6. Gagnon’s attorney, Neil Hourihan, told the News his client has no idea how the invitation got sent, since Gagnon insists he didn’t send it.
Efforts by ABC News to contact Hourihan and Gagnon were not successful.
Attorney Bradley Shear of Bethesda, Md., an internationally recognized expert on Internet privacy, told ABC News it’s entirely possible Gagnon is telling the truth – that he did not intentionally or knowingly send the invitation. “If he didn’t send it – if Google sent it without his permission and he was jailed for it – Google could be facing major liability,” Shear said.

Given my experiences with Google this guy might be telling the truth, thought it is certainly in his interest he didn’t personally send the invite.

Another question, how does the woman have her her privacy [hah!] settings fixed? If she accepts invites from people in her contacts that would lend credence to story.


:eek: jailed for an email invite…all i can say is wow…if the lady was so bothered and afraid of him wby dodnt she have his email address blocked from contacting hers…


Google has started a new advertising program by automatically sending email invitations to any one in your contact list or who you have emailed and that is not a member of Google plus.


Yet another reason I’m glad I don’t have anything tied to Google. You know, they’re pushing Google+ so hard on everyone I cannot help but think that this is beginning to border on Monopoly Abuse, much like how Microsoft tried to push Internet Explorer on everyone back in the 90s. :shrug:


Always puzzled on how relationships end in such stage, where even an email, can take you to jail. The content was probably, “Hey, ex-boyfriend wants to add you to his friends list, accept / reject?”, “Calling 911”

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