Man killed in church after stone altar falls on him

This was rather bad luck?:
Man killed in church after stone altar falls on him
Gunther Link, a devout Catholic, prayed to be saved after he was trapped in a lift – but was killed when he went to church to give thanks and the stone altar fell on him.

OH MY God, Dipper, I can’t believe this It is so sad. His poor family and friends who knew and loved him. I feel so bad, he must have been so excited he proberly rocked the monument and it gave way.I have my feelings about this He was there to praise God and you know who can go any where and try to prevent it from happening. Or do you think he was cheating death? Was he in fact meant to die that day? I think It was the first one I mentioned. He will try anything to make the church or God look bad. It is not such a bad place to die, and Father did allow it to happen. If only we knew the answers to these strange happenings, if only. But if we knew every thing we would be bored and confused more, we have so much to think about now, then to add to it.
Dear Father please be with all those people there who knew and loved this man, and may he rest in peace Amen! Love of Christ Nancy Dipper Welcome to CAF you are Loved.

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