Man Kills Nine at Christmas Party, then Himself

In Covina, California, a man dressed as Santa entered a Christmas party. An 8 year old girl answered the door, and the man shot her in the face with a handgun. He then fired into the crowd of 25 people, killing some execution-style. Then, he took a homemade fuel-spraying device and set the house on fire, burning it to the ground. He then fled to Sylmar, 40 miles away, and killed himself after rigging his rental car to explode. He was motivated by a failed marriage and nasty divorce. His goal was to destroy his ex-wife’s family. People say that he had no history of anger or violence prior to this. Link to story

I live about ten minutes from where this happened; it’s across street from the middle school I used to go to. We heard ambulances, fire trucks, and police that night, but didn’t make anything of it. When I saw the story on the news the next day, I had no idea it would become national news. Now every major news channel in the country is covering this. It disturbs me, not only because of the nature and timing of this crime, but also because it took place where I live.

I say we should pray for those killed, and those affected by this massacre, especially since this took place during a time that should be a time for celebration and peace.

It sounds like a nightmare.

We ask God’s compassionate love and healing for the surviving members of this family. Our God, please help them get over this dreadful trauma.

I’ll keep this poor family in my prayers. I thank God that some some escaped.

God please have mercy on this man’s soul. Help all who are desperate following separation, divorce, and loss of income, and prevent them from acting cruelly and dangerously against others.

i also heard this man was catholic and often served as an usher at his church. supposedly, he had also lost his job, but i cannot say that is fact or not. his wife had children from previous marriage or marriages and he had no children of his own is what i heard on tv this evening. i know that the catholic church frowns heavily on divorce and i wonder if this pushed him over the edge as well as the holiday season and obviously deep despair or seeking vengeance.

this is a tragedy none the less and i can only think how traumatized this poor 8 year old girl will be as each holiday season approaches.

we definitely need to pray for this man’s soul and the soul of those who died. for someone to resort to these actions, all hope had been lost.

I would also add that we need to pray for this man’s family, as well. Somewhere he had a mother, father and siblings and others that loved him. I can’t imagine the grief they must be feeling at this moment for their loss, and possibly also the feelings they may have regarding the senseless tragedy their relative inflicted on others before taking his own life.

Man that’s messed up…

especially at christmas time. it is especially troubling when something like this happens at christmas.

two days before christmas, at a community park in a nice subdivision in phoenix, arizona, two boys - ages 7 and 10 - were beaten with a baseball bat by someone in the neighborhood. luckily, one of the houses near the park had security video and they captured the image of who was carrying the bat. he was schizophrenic. both boys were taken off of life support after being in extremely critical condition for 3 days and not expected to live.

when young children are victims of horrible crimes like this at christmas it is even more unsettling. it reminds us of what a troubled world we live in. at christmas time, we try to put out of our mind the bad images of what we see and hear on our television sets the rest of the year and replace the images of happy memories of christmas past and how we wish the world could be. when these events happen so close to the holidays,
we are only reminded once more of the evil in this world.

we need to pray for our country and the whole world right now.

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