Man ordered to pay appeal costs of protesters at his son's funeral

This concerns the Westboro Baptist Church, which loudly pickets gay gatherings and military funerals around the US. A typical sign at a funeral might say: “Thank God for dead soldiers.”

Lawyers for the father of a Marine who died in Iraq and whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters say a court has ordered him to pay the protesters’ appeal costs.

On Friday, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered that Albert Snyder of York, Pa., pay costs associated with Fred Phelps’ appeal. Phelps is the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., which held a protest at the funeral of Snyder’s son, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, in Westminster in 2006.

Lawyers for Snyder say the Court of Appeals has ordered him to pay $16,510.80 to Phelps for costs relating to the appeal, despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review the Court of Appeals’ decision…,0,5037470.story

The father is vowing not to pay.

The father of a Marine killed in Iraq whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters told Fox News he will defy a court order and not pay the protesters’ appeal costs.

I would not give those people a single dime.

Give me a break. WHY should He pay ?

Unless you put a toxic agent on it…

I got to tell you, if I were the President and someone did something really nasty to the WBC, I would give strong thought to giving a full pardon to said individual.

Maybe the pastor can get the ACLU to take his case pro bono. Certainly seems like the kind of radical free speech they like to defend.

Being a Christian man, I simply can’t say my opinion of the Westboro Baptist Church.

I take great solace in the fact that God is watching them, and He can’t be happy.

facebook page… watch the video they have under info.

The only members of this wierd baptist church are family members of the nutty preacher…

to make a donation to the family for legal expenses…

God bless this family… what an awful thing to go through

Thank you for the info my friend. I’m donating to that.

Me too.

If ever there was a cause I would gladly give to … its this.

arrrgh. infuriating.

I cant imagine how that poor family must have felt burying thier child with those creeps yelling God loves dead soldiers.

God bless them.

I am in total, complete agreement with you. If I wasn’t a Christian, I can only imagine what I would to say to those “people”.

I’d be inclined to vote for you then. opens imaginary closet

Let’s see… I’ve got arson… chainsaw… the keys to my wrecking ball and bulldozer… what else have I got here…?

Bill O’Reilly just said he was going to pay it.


Thank God! I don’t like him very much (I probably agree with several of his views though) but he hit it out of the park with this one.

YES! Score one for the good guys!

He definately hit it out of the park!

I am glad that Bill O’Reilly has decided to pay for the costs but that poor man should never have been forced to pay that despicable group’s appeal costs in the first place. I had better stop now or else I am going to say something really uncharitable about that “church”.

In 2007

BALTIMORE — The father of a fallen Marine was awarded nearly $11 million Wednesday in damages by a jury that found leaders of a fundamentalist church had invaded the family’s privacy and inflicted emotional distress when they picketed the Marine’s funeral.

The jury awarded $2.9 million in compensatory damages and $8 million in punitive damages, $6 million for invasion of privacy and $2 million for causing emotional distress to the Marine’s father, Albert Snyder of York,

The appeals court overturned this.

How far away from the funeral are they as I thought they were down the street?

This is something that is done as a matter of course. Hard cases make bad law. Laws cannot be built on appeals to emotion.

Disrespecting our Military is unacceptable.It is plain insulting and un-American.

We should deport WBC to a deserted island.

Much as I despise WBC and all that they stand for, I have to disagree with this comment. The claim that “disrespecting the military”, an ambiguous term, is un-American and that the WBC should be deported is itself un-American.

Americans have the right to freedom of speech and as such are able to criticize the military as much as they like. It is right to criticize the military when it is involved in actions we deem immoral or wrong.

The WBC, however, went above this and directly disrupted the funeral of a soldier. I think that by doing so they committed a tort and should pay damages in civil courts.

That’s the thing about free speech - it applies to the people we disagree with most - as it should. It’s just hard to take sometimes. The thing that gets me is that these protesters were evidently obeying the law as to keeping required distance, etc. I’d guess this is a city ordinance of some kind. Perhaps they need to revisit and come up with some stricter regulations (though there may be a SCOTUS case that limits the limitations that can be placed on protests).

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