Man prayed over by Pope says he suffered from demons

From CNA
A 43-year-old Mexican man whom Pope Francis prayed over in St. Peter’s Square on Pentecost Sunday said that he had suffered from demonic possession for more than a decade.


In an interview published by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the man, identified as Angel, recalled that his problems began one day in 1999 as he returned from Mexico City to his hometown in Michoacan by bus.

“I felt an energy enter the bus. I did not see it with my eyes but I felt it,” he said. “I noticed that it approached me and stood in front of me. And suddenly, I felt like a knife stabbed me in the chest and then, little by little, I had the sensation that it was opening my ribs.”
Some more data on this incident.

Interesting article, thanks for posting

He’s had 30+ exorcisms since 1999, but he is still possessed.

From another article…

**Amorth believes Angel is without doubt possessed, and that it is a possession “with a message.” “Not only is he possessed, but the devil who lives in him finds himself obliged by God to transmit a message,” he said.

“Angel is a good man. He has been chosen by the Lord to give a message to the Mexican clergy and to tell the bishops that they have to do an act of reparation for the law on abortion that was approved in Mexico City in 2007, which was an insult to the Virgin,” according to Amorth. “Until they . . . do this, Angel will not be liberated.”

We must all pray fro this man who is called “Angel”.

If the man has been possessed since 1998, then how can the possession be about a law that wasn’t passed until 2007? It seems to me that the exorcist as well as the priest have an agenda. I think that the Vatican suspects something which is why this got erased from the record. (Go to the You Tube video of the Pentecost Mass; the exorcism is gone.).

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