Man refuses to drive 'No God' bus


You obviously thought the topic was important enough to reply to it more than once.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think we are looking at a slow process of imposing atheism on people.

Yep…who was it that said:

“When we fail to examine our consciences regularly, we become more and more comfortable with sin.”

No, I’m not. That statement is, like all other statements I make, a provisional statement of the world as I understand it based on current evidence available.

If there is ever evidence that a person can know something 100% for certain, I would happily change my mind on the subject.

Cogito ergo sum - I think therefore I am.

The fact that you are thinking proves absolutely that you exist in some way, shape, or form.

So there you go - something you can know absolutely.

You’re making light of the terrible situation this driver found himself in. He probably had a family to support, and strong religious beliefs. He chose a job which was respectful… driving people around in a energy-efficient way, and one day it becomes part of his job to help promote atheism…

Imagine being in his shoes. It would be a terrible day. You would have to make quick decision about something so important.

Where would we draw the line? Of course a Christian wouldn’t take a job in advertising for an atheist organization. And probably wouldn’t accept a major project with an advertising agency to promote atheism. But when you’re driving a bus, its incidental to the job. I imagine if it was just one small sign among many on the bus, I would still drive the bus. But if it was one of those full-bus-sized advertisements, it would be a real dilemma.

People can spend decades working up seniority and a good pay in a career like that and have to choose whether to throw it all away over something like that…

The government is not secular, it is atheistic. Anytime theism attempts to go into the public square of discourse, it is beaten back by the atheist evangelists (the black robed ones)

To the back of the bus, go the Christians…

You have it wrong. It is perfectly legal for you to stand on a street corner and preach the word of your god to your heart’s content. It’s also legal for me to stand on the opposite street corner and urge people to use reason, logic, and evidence to reach their conclusions.

You can talk about your god in public, put up signs on your private property advocating belief in your god, hand out Bibles on the street.

What you can’t do is use government money to support one religion over another. That’s it.

Far from being forced to “go to the back of the bus,” faith is a major part of public life. It is almost impossible for a politician to be elected, for example, unless he or she professes a faith. In the last presidential election, there was a “forum on faith” in which candidates’ religious beliefs were of central importance.

No one wants to take away your right to advertise in public, talk about your beliefs in public, hand out your scripture in public, or put up signs on your lawn.

We just want you to extend those rights to others.

Though not, of course, in the country where the ‘No God’ bus driver lives, where talking about religion (for or against) in anything other than the blandest possible terms would be a serious political gaffe.

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