Man ridden like a pony at Orthodox Church

According to Google Translate:

Moldovan Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The priest rolled on top of the man, saying that he was going “up to Jerusalem, and then to Mount Athos”, and then began to stomp his back and neck. “Sinner” cried, swore, made jokes and was interested in what my father eats. For the actions observed several dozen people, among whom were even little children. Operator prayed alternately turning first to one, then the second process participants. The ritual lasted more than eight minutes, after which many viewers offered to repeat it.

…What the heck? What’s happening?

It’s an exorcism,apparently my wife had a look at this for me and looked at that the title and translated it. She finds the style of what is happening here slightly bizarre though also.

This is abuse. At least the church is going to investigate.

My face when I was watching this:

It goes to show that every church, and every culture, has its problems/abuses/whatever. (Anyone who thinks the Orthodox are exempt from that – although I don’t know if there are any such people on this forum – should watch that video.)


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