Man Shoots 'Home Invader' in Elaborate Ruse

“After an armed intruder shot and killed his wife during a May home invasion, Thomas Randolph shot and killed the intruder.
That’s what Randolph told authorities. Police, however, didn’t believe him.

On Thursday, police arrested Randolph in Utah in connection with both slayings. Authorities believe Randolph hired a hitman to kill his wife and then killed him after the work was done. Randolph, authorities said, wanted his wife dead to collect more than $400,000 in insurance.”

Sounds like a clear case of murder to me.

We should pray for all involved. :signofcross:

I’d like to apologize to the Forum on behalf of Las Vegas residents. Our crimes are usually better conceived and executed, along the lines of Ocean’s 11, most of the time. This is simply an embarrassment.

:thumbsup: Ha,HA, you made me laugh at that las Vegas remark.
Boy talk about being cheap, this guy was so tight he even killed the hitman cause he didn’t want to pay him.

Let me guess, this is supposed to be an answer to all the posts re. citizens who had a legitimate cause for self defense?

Exactly. It was so persuasive, I’ve disarmed one of the three loaded firearms I keep around the house.

Why of course, don’t you know guns kill people, people don’t kill people.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got it !!! lets ban people.

Obama seems to be contributing to that.

Yeah, sad isn’t it.

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