Man Shot 3 Times Claims He Was Gunned Down Over Pro-Obama Shirt

Now this has to be a total lie because the U.K. has gun laws—Stan.:confused:

Man Shot 3 Times Claims He Was Gunned Down Over Pro-Obama Shirt,2933,434311,00.html

A British man who was shot three times on a London street claims the gunman was enraged over his Barack Obama T-shirt, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.
Dube Egwuatu told the Mail he was purchasing a cell phone when a stranger started shouting racial slurs over his shirt featuring the presidential candidate’s face and the word “Believe.”
Egwuatu zipped up his jacket and headed for his car, but as he turned it on, the gunman opened the passenger side door and shot him three times, hitting him in the face, hand and shoulder.
Egwuatu managed to drive off while bleeding and call for help. A piece of metal was removed from his jaw from the attacker’s gas-powered ball-bearing pistol, the Mail reported.
“He was telling me that he was going to kill me,” Egwuatu told the Mail. “I couldn’t believe it was happening — and just because I was wearing an Obama T-shirt. He was trying to make me walk somewhere quieter, saying: ‘I’ve got something for you,’ and ‘I’m going to kill you.’”
Local police are still looking for the gunman.
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Absolutley terrible.

People need to think twice, expecially in this election with so many bigots and racists that dont a black man for president about what they wear, bumper stickers, etc. I dont place anything on my car regarding my positions, beliefs etc. Its nobodys business

I’m just the opposite I will not give up any of my freedoms because of bigots.

I have very large Pro-Life bumper stickers on the tailgate of my truck; I also have three Catholic Icons on the rear window if people don’t like it; that’s their problem.

Of course this is Texas and we have a right to carry and can shoot back.

I feel sorry for the guy in England if he was here maybe he would be carrying and shot that scumbag coward.

I’m wondering if this is true, as well. Not only because of UK’s gun laws, but I thought Europeans loved Obama?

In Christ,


Well Ellen,

I think that it is true that the guy got shot did he do it himself, I don’t know? I was on a gun forum that is owned by Catholics and someone said it looked that the wounds were self-inflicted. I seen the same photo and I’m not an expert so I don’t know?

I just know being a combat vet I would never shoot myself in the hand or close to the wrist; there is a lot of damage that can happen in the use of it later and this guy is in England why would he do this. IMHO I don’t think the guy shot himself.

I have been to a lot of places in our world and racism is everywhere!

It’s the Devil and we have just to tell the Devil to go to hell.

I can’t stand stupid people [racists] we must pray for them that they stop listening to Devils evil and that they understand that we are all Gods children.

Now if you live on the Left Coast, you’d find McCain cars are keyed, signs are removed from lawn (lost two so far, number three was put up today) My son keeps his bumper sticker in the window but removes it when he goes to class.

It’s unfortunate emotion brings the dangerous nutballs out in force.

Perhaps someone from the UK can clarify. The gun was gas powered and fired a ball bearing - this sounds like a pellet gun, although perhaps a particularly robust one. Are such guns a dodge around the UK’s gun laws?

It could be I remember when the democrats passed the assault weapons ban and on the list was the MAC-10. All the gun company did was take off the flash suppresser and renamed the gun AB-10 [After Ban] to get around that dumb law.

I guess the crazy ones are as unpredictable as anywhere else and murderous nut jobs do not obey gun laws.

Stan, I don’t agree with you often, but I am in complete agreement with you on this. If we cower, the bigots win.

Ah heck Jen and were from the same state too.:stuck_out_tongue:

I know the problem why you don’t agree with me that much you’re still in Detroit;:whistle: I got the heck out of Kalamazoo and changed my ways.:smiley:

You’re right don’t let the bigots win just shut them down.:thumbsup:

This is posted on a gun forum that I go on—Stan:

Having spent the summer in the UK let me translate this to American English for everyone here.
]“A man told today how he was shot three times”** = a sissified dude overstated the incident *
]“gas powered”** = CO2 *
]“ball bearing pistol”** = BB gun *
]“off license”** = Liquor Store *
]“piece of metal removed from his jaw”** = tweezers were used to remove BB from just under the skin *
]“potentially lethal weapons”** = not a real gun, toy gun, cap gun, drawing of a gun . . . *
]“often converted by criminals to fire real bullets…”** = unsubstantiated claim made by media similar to our media claiming: Assault Weapons are favored by criminals *
]“The Met said it was investigating the incident, which took place in South Norwood”** = the cop said the attack was in a bad neighborhood *
]“No one has been arrested”** = we issue tickets and underreport our crime statistics *[/LIST]

Hey Stan, that was me who posted that. And yes its all true. I took the family and spent the summer bouncing around the UK. What I thought was pretty shocking about the whole thing is actually summed up in the bottom line of that list posted above. The police actually do under-report many violent crimes and people are not always arrested for violent crimes. In fact they are allowed to issue citations, basically similar to our ‘speeding tickets’ but for criminal acts.

The UK is a pretty safe place for most things and in most areas. It is really no different than the US. There are violent crime areas, mostly confined to specific neighborhoods in bigger cities.

They do some things differently than we do here. They seem to have FAR MORE police officers walking around. In the major cities we saw police EVERYWHERE we went, usually on foot and usually in pairs. I was really taken aback by the number of police officers we saw in our journeys.

Also very common in the major cities are video systems. Those are also far more prevalent than we have here. They are on the streets, on the stores, even on some houses. You see cameras pointed out from the doorways, hanging on lampposts, etc. There are motorized cameras all over many areas of London that allow the police to zoom into the faces of drivers, have cameras follow people walking, etc. It was rather like something from a George Orwell novel with big brother watching your every move.

Yes, I agree - and its the WEST Coast. Not that you’re biased

I wonder if the shooter thought the shirt was about osama bin laden and was just to stupid to know better.:confused: :mad:

Sounds like the mentality at a Palin rally. :smiley:


I looked at the picture and the face in the shirt didn’t even look like Barak Obama to me.

Maybe the shooter thought it was someone else?

Kind of looks like the Pope to me except no hat.

Sarah Palin rallies come to mind. :smiley:


I seen your name on FFF I go hey he hangs out at CAF.
When I looked at your post I just started laughing and said, “I have to share this on CAF.”

I was watching COPS one time and this female police officer from the U.K. said she has done law enforcement with and without guns and the reason she’s in the States is because she can carry firearms she also said the same crimes we have here they have there.

I also watched COPS U.K. and yeah they have security cameras everywhere. I’m still glad that our Lord blessed me to be born in this great country.

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