Man shot dead at Denver ‘Patriot Rally’ identified as military veteran Lee Keltner


The man shot dead by a hired security guard during a Denver protest on Saturday was identified as a local hatter and military veteran.

Lee Keltner was shot shortly after 3:30 p.m. at a “Patriot Rally” outside the Denver Art Museum and later pronounced dead at a local hospital, The Sun reported Sunday.

“My son Lee was at the patriot rally today in Denver,” Keltner’s mother, Carol, posted on the Northeast Arkansas Tea Party Facebook group. “He was murdered because he backed the police.”

Absolutely, this guard was not certified and appears to be hard-left per reports, Facebook posts and so on. The post millenial and many outlets report more.

The victim made hats apparently.

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Right, according to another article he made hats.

“Hatter” wasn’t a typo for “hater,” that is, he wasn’t a member of some hate group.


Here in Denver they are reporting that this victim was a member of a far right militia.That’s an outright lie. The security guard employed by 9 news pulled his gun and the victim sprayed the mace in retaliation and was then shot and killed.


whoa… what happened to all the “Stand your ground” people around here? Guard feared for his life, no? These things work both ways. And yes the dead man was a militia member. Be interesting to see how the righties respond to a gofundme for the defense of the shooter, which I a sure will be coming, ala Rittenhouse.


No he wasn’t read up thread my post.This is a witness account of actual event.

appears to be hard-left per reports, Facebook posts and so on.

What makes people think that? Is this the guy who had the Space Invaders tattoo and everyone was saying it was an Antifa symbol?


Indeed. The man aggressively approached a security guard. Reports of the event differ in regards to when the man discharged bear spray, but just encroaching on another in a threatening manner has been enough for others to be exonerated by a “Stand your ground” defense.


Yes, and facebook posts as well.

As in his own Facebook posts? The Space Invaders thing was a huge reach.

Good analysis of photos on Twitter that show the shooter reaching for the victim’s gun which was holstered inside his vest under his left shoulder. Shooter got slapped for it. The shooter then holds his ground while the victim retreats about 3 steps backward. Series of photos clearly show the retreating on the part of the victim. One photo clearly shows the instant he fired, the shell casing is in the air about six to eight inches above his gun. No way he drew in response to the mace, no one is that fast. He drew first, then the mace, then the shot.

There is more to this. The shooter is definitely not in anyone’s list as a certified security guard, let alone the Colorado state list of such persons qualified to carry a firearm. The whole episode is a mess and there are definitely going to be lawsuits. There will exist a paper trail at Pinkerton’s for sure, possibly at 9News as well and a trail via cell phones and emails. Pinkerton’s says he was a contractor, but they’re refusing to name the contract company or disclose the existence of a contract. Also note the 9News guy is holding not one but two cell phones.

Unfortunately it won’t be determined until next year. Says here if Biden gets elected, all charges will be dropped and this case will be memory holed.

Nine news is a leftist mouthpiece.I quit watching them recently because their reporting is slanted and not news just their slant on it.

Read the post up thread by another member.It clearly explains what occured

removed by poster…?

Violent man filmed assaulting journalists earlier in the day and instigating violence at previous protests decides to assault journalists that have armed security, news at 11.

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This “security guard” is unknown by the company that supposedly employed him. Sounds like he wasn’t a sg and it is being investigated as to what exactly he was doing there posing as one

What are you talking about?

Denver incident

What are you talking about about the security guard being unknown by his company?

They claim to not know him,there is something schetchy about this guys involvement , it’s a developing story here in Denver

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