Man shot to death in church over seat dispute



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I will never understand why people carry guns on them unless they are a hired and trained security guard. :shrug:

How can a person with a gun get into a physical altercation with unarmed person then claim he felt his life was threatened?


I know it’s not the case in this instance, but the second your face to face with a man who’s a solid foot taller than you, and who looks like he could easily beat you to death with his bare hands, you’ll understand…

This really is terrible…


I’m not even five feet tall so I could understand very well.


Please check your guns at the door… Really? This is terrible and beyond. What an angry world…

from a five footer; and once mugged with the gun on my chest, twice shy.


I will have to be more careful. I frequently sit in the choir loft very near a man armed with drumsticks.


I would much rather be attacked with drumsticks than shot with a gun. But hey, to each his own. :wink:


Well there goes the silly argument of a good man with a gun stopping a bad man


I live around many people that conceal carry even in church. I hear their arguments about why it’s a good idea. Many of these people are unstable, imo.

This story exemplifies why I don’t understand why it’s a good idea for ordinary citizens to carry weapons. Cops, retired military…perhaps.


Agreed …,

It would be easier to abolish Cats &. Dogs than Guns


Rather than wade into the political moralizing and finger-wagging, I’ll simply say it’s sad that this happened and that’s not the time or place to lose one’s temper, whatever the provocation.


Since this is posted in the World News section, it is up for discussion.:slight_smile:

If it were in the Prayer Intentions section, I would limit my posts to offering my prayers and condolences.


Yes, getting shot to death due to an argument is sad. Getting shot to death in your own church, due to an argument, is a tragedy. All the more so since the argument could have been avoided. It seems the shooter (Mark Storms) had no reason to confront the man he killed (Robert Baxter)

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele has said that an investigation determined that Braxton — who was attending an 11 a.m. service at the Keystone Fellowship Church at 427 Stump Road on April 24 — had become verbally disruptive when a fellow church member seated behind him touched him on the shoulder to let Braxton know he had taken an already occupied or reserved seat. Witnesses told authorities a church usher and an associate pastor intervened and tried to calm Braxton down, and ultimately allowed Braxton to remain in the seat.

Investigators alleged that Storms — who is not and has never performed any official functions in the church — then approached Braxton, displayed a concealed weapons permit badge and his Ruger 9 mm handgun and “then acted without legal authority and told Braxton he had to leave the sanctuary.”

During an exchange of words, Braxton punched Storms in the jaw and Storms then shot Braxton two times, killing him, according to court documents.

Storms will be tried, sometime this autumn, on voluntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges. The trial will be difficult, since although there are many witnesses, their testimony differs markedly on important details.

Earlier this month, a benefit supper was held to memorialize Baxter and to financially help his family. It seems to have gone well

“The community is backing us big-time,” McBride said. “It’s hard to even put into words how much we appreciate all the donors and supporters in the community who’ve sent love and prayers. We’re all truly appreciative from the bottom of our hearts.”


From the Washington post article linked to in post 1

several witnesses said Braxton showed a badge and indicated he had a weapon — a 9 mm handgun.

Braxton is the man who was shot. It seems that he indicated he was armed. If I was punched by a person, acting the way he was, who said they were carrying a gun I would feel my life was threatened too.


I saw that too. It seems there’s quite a bit of conflict between the various witnesses testimony.


This is a tired, transparent argument propagated by the NRA.

When is it a better time to discuss the havoc wrought by guns than when we are confronted by it?


Some of us would rather not have ourselves and our families be at the mercy of violent criminals (who wouldn’t surrender their guns anyway), rapists, corrupt cops, and rioters. Guess people forgot the first murderer in the Bible only needed a knife…

Not surprised it’s always the same posters pushing their anti-gun agenda on CAF though. Won’t bother posting counter-arguments, they ignored them the first dozen times. :shrug:


Thank you for pointing that out. I missed that - well, actually I thought the article was a little confusing the way it was written.

That does make a difference.


You make an excellent point.

I am not anti-gun and like to discuss this topic because I find it rather confusing. I am from So Cal where nobody ever discussed guns or gun ownership, in my neck of the woods.

Ten years ago we moved to Utah and it is very common for people to have, talk about, use and have on their person, a firearm. Including my own husband.

I am trying to make sense of it all. It is stories like this that make me think “You know, this should have just been a scuffle that ended in a broken nose” instead of a person getting shot and killed. However, I am not opposed to someone being selected and trained to be an undercover security person in a church, or airport or shopping mall.

What I don’t like is that many (most) of the gun owners I know are not stable people. I know how they think and what they talk about when they are drunk. It scares me. Obviously, there are many responsible gun owners in this country. I just don’t happen to live near them.

I would really like to hear from gun owners that are responsible. That don’t drink too much. That don’t have a long list of enemies that they would shoot if they “came near their property”. Level-headed, well-trained citizens that have been selected for these very characteristics to protect us while we worship, shop and travel.

Thanks for hearing me out and for the discussion. :slight_smile:

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