Man shows up to his own funeral

Calling Mark Twain!

Betcha he gave one helluva eulogy! :smiley:

“Tom Sawyer” anyone? :choocho:

This puts me to mind of a not-terribly-relevant story.

Last year when I was at the license office renewing my license, I was waiting there for my number to be called. Suddenly, at the counter, the clerk raised some kind of fuss and shoved this Hispanic fellow’s papers back at him and told him to leave.

Curious, when I got to the counter and asked the clerk what that was all about, she informed me that among his identity papers was his own death certificate.

It’s very common for illegals to buy identity papers of real people, and some are better than others. Either this fellow didn’t read the papers or couldn’t, and, with everything else, handed her the death certificate of the man he was pretending to be.

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