Man smuggles Eucharist out of mass

First person to finish their email to Fox News telling them the glaring error in their story wins a symbolic prize!! :smiley:,2933,378081,00.html

(PS – “contact us” is at the bottom, but since it’s Fox News, there is no option to click on that says “there’s an error in your reporting” – :rolleyes:LOL!!! – )

The Judge tried to explain what Catholics believe, and why this was an offense against the Lord… but he could have been a whole lot stronger, and clearer…

I would not have expected him to comment on the Luthern communion, but he could have:rolleyes:

and the comment about “…just go to Confession…” forgot about the necessary act of contrition required. Returning the host in a baggie was noted, but apparently the “thief” had a problem with funding at the school for Catholics and others.

I did not watch the video, but the article just made me roll my eyes…rrrgh… :frowning:

HMMM! The students story has certainly changed in the last couple of days. :rolleyes: Now he claims he is being threatened and it was all innocent.

A University of Central Florida student, upset religious groups hold church services on public campuses, is holding hostage the Eucharist

Can you imagine what the outrage would be if he had done someting similar at an Islamic mosque? Just go to one and try it. You will be beaten on the spot if not killed.

Seriously? Does it not bother anyone that the reporter referred to the Eucharist as “symbolic”!!! That was the very first thing that jumped off the screen at me…:confused:

He received eternal damnation?? Was he phoning in his interview from Hell??

Webster Cook says he received death threats and eternal damnation after he removed a wafer of bread from his mouth during communion and smuggled it from the church in a Ziploc bag.

I agree. All Muslims are raging, volatile beasts that kill and main anyone who go against them. They are a disease that must be stopped. For the sake and safety of our young, nubile children.

That article is so stupid I don’t even know where to start!

First of all, a truly objective and respectful journalist would have titled it differently. Putting the ‘Body of Christ’ in quotation marks like that is offensive to the religious belief of the majority of the world’s Christians. It implies that the author of the article is almost ridiculing us, like that part in Citizen Kane where Kane’s newspaper mockingly put quotation marks around Kane’s wife’s occuption as a “Singer.”

The Fox Orlando website it connected to said that we Catholics see the Eucharist as “Symbolic.” We don’t. What idiot writer did they hire for this?

The problem is that people believe newspapers, everything they read in them.

To put that “Catholics worldwide became furious” makes us look like a bunch of gorillas that’ll kill you if you offend us just a little. I’m not furious myself; if this idiot wants to play with the Eucharist, it’s his own soul that he’s screwing. I won’t care if a guy stabs a fork into an electrical outlet; likewise here, I don’t care if this guy does this.

We don’t believe that it is the Body of Christ. It is what it is. So whatever he does with it, he’s messing with Jesus’ Body. For that God will punish him.

I think death threats are way too far with this. Our faith in the Eucharist will already tell us that he’ll be punished by God for it. It’s his problem. Of course, that doesn’t absolve us of the responsibility of making sure the Eucharist is always kept with deserving dignity, but if we have Mass everywhere in the world at all times (there are always Eucharists being consecrated worldwide every second) stuff like this will happen no matter how hard we try. Let those people who do that be punished by God. Besides, in a way, the matter doesn’t involve us: it is one person’s direct offence to Jesus.

But lastly, why is this even news? Why is Fox covering this? It’s a story of one arrogant jerk who doesn’t respect the belief of the majority of the world’s Christians, nothing more. Last time I checked, we’re in two wars, we could get into a third one with Iran, we have to deal with North Korea and China’s weapons, people are still being killed in Sudan, people in New Orleans are still not getting their due from the government… the world has not stopped revolving, and there are more important issues than this one jerk’s doing. There are still nursing homes where Seniors are neglected, there are still poor and starving people in our own country, there is still a mortgage crisis, the world will still be devoid of oil in a couple decades, water will be going into a shortage in a couple decades too. Is nothing at all going on in Orlando worth Fox’s reporting?

Hack journalists! They cover non-news stories, and they don’t even cover them factually. This is the kind of rubbish you get when these “journalists” cover celebrities all the time. How do you like that – I used quotation marks there; payback for how they used quotation marks to describe our Eucharist.

Hey Everyone,
There is a whole big discussion we have been having on this in another thread on the “Eucharist being held hostage”.
Just FYI


Never mind what I just said- Apparently that entire thread is gone-I don’t know why-sorry.


I too have noticed that the thread is gone. And other threads on the same subject are missing as well.

Can a moderator tell us what happened to these threads?

Certain new users repeatedly posted innapropriate comments, to say the least, several times in each thread. I’m assuming that is why the threads were removed. The bad will of a few always destroys the fun and discussion of others. With luck, the moderators will be able to clean up the thread and return it. To give a general drift of the comments, I’ll just say that one of the newly joined users was named “Moe Lester”

I’m guessing they were removed due to really yucky troll activity late last night.

What the student in Florida did was bad enough, but this professor’s response to the inncident is even worse:

Minnestota Prof Pledges to Desecrate Eucharist

I went to the professor’s blog the responses to his post are just vile. There are many hateful people patting the professor’s back saying what he is doing is great.

Absolutely sickening. I hope he loses his job…although somehow I doubt that’ll happen. I can only imagine if he had gone on a similiar tirade to offend blacks or homosexuals. :mad:

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