Man snaps possible Bigfoot pic the day


*John Stoneman was driving home from a fall festival when he saw something massive moving in the woods beside the road. He slowed down, grabbed his camera and began taking pictures of the mysterious creature, which he estimated to be 7 feet tall. The Pennsylvania man is reasonably convinced that his roadside snapshots show Bigfoot hanging out in the Kinzua State Park. *


I would like to know the real story behind Bigfoot. Is he real, or is he an ape that we as a civilization does not know about, or is it a scam. The following is a link to an interesting video on youtube, its short 3 and a half minutes long were it talks about the conspiracy theories behind Bigfoot


Heh, neat. I’m not sure that I believe in bigfoot; but I love cryptids, so this is a cool picture ^^ Thanks for sharing.


This photo is NOT a scam. It’s my next door neighbor. (I really hate it when he wanders around without his clothes on.) :wink:


I’d say he’s likely a combination of a legendary creature of the Pacific Northwest American Indians with the legendary European woodwoses, the latter of which may have been in part based on Greco-Roman descriptions of chimpanzees. It is interesting that belief in this legendary creature has survived into the 21st century.

Personally, I don’t think it is at all likely that a large mammal species living in the continental United States could have survived this long without being identified by scientists. Unless there is something supernatural about this creature I doubt it exists.


I think their might be some tension between you and your neighbor huh LOl


With all the technology that we have, and brains we should be able to put this legend, myth, or truth to rest. We have some many types of cameras, that we should be able to hang some up were the reports are higher of Bigfoot sightings are believed to be. Leave cameras for an entire year, that should let us know whether he is real


I think it’s a winter-coated Belgium / Large Draft horse, black with a white star and stripe and with its head towards the cameraperson.

I think it’s a bad picture, taken at a distance, and it (the horse) is completely blocking what is clearly a yeti/neighbor in the background.:thumbsup:


With the time and place of this sighting so well documented, there should be other evidence to be found. Where are the fresh footprints and possible DNA left behind from a single hair follicle? My hunch is that there will not be more evidence confirming an unknown species to be found.




Do you know if he’s receiving proper treatment for his mild case of hirsutism?


Since the government shutdown closed the national parks, Bigfoot’s having a field day without any pesky tourists around. Probably the first holiday he’s had in a while.


He’s just on vacation after filming all those Jacks Links commercials.


:slight_smile: Ask and you shall receive…


What i find funny is that in the U.S you have the big foot. The Himalayas have the sasquatch and Australia has the yowie… Three cultures that had no contact with each other, came up with the exact same myth/creature.


Sasquatch and Bigfoot are North American terms. The Himalayan term is Yeti.

I can’t say that I believe in Sasquatch but I would not be at all surprised if one day it turned out to be true. In fact, I’ll admit that I would like to believe that he is just a little smarter than we are and that’s why he’s managed not to get caught.

I remember the first time I read about him/it. The story was about construction workers in Washington, IIRC, whose supplies kept disappearing. Seem to recall the story was in the Catholic comic we used to get in school: “Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact”.


How many stores near you carry clothes in his size? It can be difficult for a 7 footer without an NBA contract to buy clothes. I have enough trouble buying size 12 shoes at most stores. I can’t remember seeing size 22 anywhere.

Also, the University of Kentucky has a reputation for beating the bushes for big men to play basketball. How did they miss one who is practically in their back yard? Low test scores are rarely a problem for a 7 footer.


He better watch it. That hand is about to fall off of that dummy! Oh and then will Bigfoot be mad@him


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