Man Steals Eucharist from Catholic Chapel in U.S

Catholics there were distraught after a man openly stole the eucharist in the adoration chapel at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in New Mexico, in front of several people adoring Jesus in the eucharist there. It was all caught on camera. The thief was arrested the next day and the eucharist returned.

Does that mean he Kidnapped Jesus:confused:

Anyway it was returned again

Fixed “it” for you.:thumbsup:

He probably thought that he could sell the Monstrance.

Can you imagine?

Is there a reason this isn’t a “hate crime”, while merely painting certain types of graffiti is?

God Bless

Unlike grafitti, it would be pretty hard to prove the man’s actions were driven by malice and hatred. Looks like he was trying to sell it.

More of an ignorance crime than anything.

How do you prove the malice behind graffiti? Maybe it’s just an attempt to shock people; a cry for attention.

God Bless

Looks to me like a desperate act by a desperate man. I think this would fall under: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

Also, remember Jesus was physically present with the man during the whole incident. Maybe it did him some good, God always wins.

It’s a good sign that the Eucharist was still inside… I would’ve thought he’d have popped it out and thrown it in the gutter or something. Maybe he was not after mere money but something of greater value. (Or maybe he was just ignorant that it was in there).

No there is no reason, and this is why “hate crime” is such a stupid concept. Hate crimes are essentially thought crimes, making certain types of thought illegal. Surely any violent attack on another human being could be explained as a manifestation of “hate”. But attacks against certain types of persons are more likely to be prosecuted as “hate crimes”, depending on the personal politics of the DA, or President. Similarly, any crime against a religious group could be seen as a “hate crime” depending on who the current prosecutor.

In truth, the perceived intent of the convict will always be taken into account by the sentencing judge. That is what judges are for. If the judge thinks that the person was wrongfully convicted or mistaken in some manner, then the judge can give a lenient sentence. If the judge perceives that the convicted person has a wicked attitude and is not remorseful, then the judge can give a stern sentence.

“Hate crime” is thought crime. It creates protected classes of people.

Well, I know that Satanists/Devil Worshipers (Whatever you chose to call them) desecrate the Eucharist at what is known as a ‘Black Mass’. Just one possibility that I am going to throw on the table…

I personally saw a satanist try to do this at a Mass. The devil-worshipping guy was wearing sunglasses, dressed all in black, and he was just reclining through the whole Mass without participating. People around him were pretty disturbed by him. Then the satanist got into line for communion, and jumped lines so that he would be served by the Eucharistic Minister, rather than by the priest.

The satanist guy received the Eucharist in his hands, and then started to walk away without consuming the Host. Then, as quick as you can blink, Fr Jose Luis grabbed the Eucharist out of the satanist’s hands, blessed the man, and went back to serving communion. True Story.

Very interesting story. I was expecting a high speed chase with explosions at the end; like something that you would see from a Mel Gibson film, but I’m glad the Eucharist was safe.

Wow! Praise God and thank you Father Jose for being so watchful.

Poignant thought: Can you really steal someone who has tried so hard to give Himself to you?

Less poignant thought: This accepting Jesus as one’s “own personal savior” can be done wrong it seems.

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