Man that Falsely Accused Catholic Priest Found Guilty of Mail Fraud

Federal prisoner Shamont Sapp pleaded guilty Tuesday to filing a phony lawsuit claiming he was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest in Portland when he was a teenager.

I wonder how many more claims of abuse are false?

I have been wondering this for a long time.

We had a false accusation in my area. The news of the initial abuse made front page
news and the news of the accusation found false was at the end of the section and two sentences long. I’m glad this is making news so that people can realize there have been false accusations against out prriests for monetary gain.

That said those that were true should be handled according to the law and victims compensated.


I pray for all falsely accused priests with God’s perfect justice the claims against them were or will someday be found false and those that made such false claims be prosecuted and held responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

That is one side of the story. It is not a custom here to suit a priest for such evil crimes. But there were and are real cases out there which are true and the Church is facing such problems recently all over the world with the hope that this evil crime is deleted and those concerned must be dealt with accordingly or punished by law.

The Paper wont report this, but when a priest is accused its headline news, the Papers should be made to also print the wrong accusations also, the Church should claim compensation from the person also, as they wanting wrongful compensation for something that was not done, rather not be in there shoes when they meet the Lord, accusing a priest of doing something he did not do, plus the scandal it causes, anything for easy money with some people, no shame, an evil deed indeed.

Maybe some. But not all.

We can’t use this as an easy out.

Even one case of abuse by people representing the Church is too many.

A lot have been falsely accused. Especially after the idea that priests are guilty until proven innocent took hold.

I have read that approximately half of accusations are false!

In the end, one can demonstrate the sobering figure that one-third of accused priests in the Archdiocese of Boston were accused falsely. (I provide all of the supporting numbers in my book.)

From The Truth About Falsely Accused Priests

In a stunning ten-page declaration recently submitted to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, veteran attorney Donald H. Steier stated that his investigations into claims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have uncovered vast fraud and that his probes have revealed that many accusations are completely false.

From Where’s the Media? L.A. Att’y Declares Many Abuse Accusations Against Catholic Priests Are ‘Entirely False’

Yes, I agree. If the accusation was front page, the clearing of the man’s name should be, too.

Do not have a clue as to the percentage of false claims but as this crisis gained strength and activists (aka lawyers) people were actually solicited to “remember” an encounter with Fr X. My (gay) hairdresser who’d been an Altar boy for a priest who in fact had been found guily was contacted by lawyers to see if this Priest or any others at the Parish where he served had engaged in any sexual or abusive behavior. He said when he denied any incidents the attorneys pressed him…“Are you SURE you don’t remember anything?” and inferred that it would be an easy case where he (and the attorney) would gain a settlement with little question.

As one poster noted, it went from egregious behavior by certain clergy protected by other members of the clergy to opportunistic attorneys trolling for potential clients. Priests became guilty until proven innocent and I know of two wonderful holy Priests who were sidelined, headlines screaming about the accusations, until they were proven false. Of course there were no headlines when the Priest was completely cleared.


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