Man told to change or leave Planet Fitness after wearing anti-abortion shirts


ORANGE CITY, Fla. — An Deltona man told Channel 9 his anti-abortion T-shirt got him kicked out of a Planet Fitness gym.

Mike Amoroso, 70, has a collection of anti-abortion shirts and said he’s passionate about the issue.

But after someone complained about him wearing the shirts at the Planet Fitness in Orange City, he was told to change or leave.


I see management had no comment.


If the shirt showed dismembered children, I can understand their desire to have him life. Otherwise, they have o reason to ask him to.


I wonder if someone wore a pro abortion t-shirt, and someone complained, would the management had asked the wearer to change it?


Planet Fitness was within their rights. If you wear your religion on your sleve you must be willing to suffer for it. But really, we don’t have to carry around tokens of our moral gripes whever we go. So the gentlemen should take his business somewhere else. I’m pro-life too but I don’t wear it plastered all over my body, my car, or my house. The one time I tried it at work I nearly got fired and I caused an unhealed division between myself and the rest of the company.



It may be the company has a legal right to do this, though I don’t know about the law in such matters.
However, this refusal may mean that this company will take a significant hit over this matter, by turning off customers are prolife.


Planet Fitness has always had strict dress code requirements down to the kind of shoes you can wear and they are usually responsive to the complaints of other members.


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