Man trying to shoot off tree limb arrested

NORTH HAVEN — A man who allegedly used a shotgun to try to get rid of a tree limb in his backyard has been arrested.

Antonio Chiaia, 74, of 9 Cricket Court, was arrested at his home Saturday morning after a neighbor reported he was discharging a shotgun in his yard, Capt. James Merrithew said…]

*A 74 yr old man shooting at a tree branch (granted he could have injured someone, or himself) and a 72 yr old woman who was tasered and arrested for mouthing off to a police officer…gosh, don’t you just feel so much safer with these elderly folks off of the street? :rolleyes: lol

I don’t think he should have been arrested…he should have had the gun taken away though. One can’t just fire a gun in any way he/she chooses…but arrested? That is excessive. *

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