Man Vandalizes Pro-Life Group's Office, Tries to Disable Security System

Man Vandalizes Pro-Life Group’s Office, Tries to Disable Security System

Wichita, KS ( – An abortion advocate attacked the national headquarters of the pro-life group Operation Rescue on Friday. The attack saw someone attempt to disabled the pro-life organization’s security system.

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There is so much hatred in this world. The fact that someone would react this way to something like pro-life is just scary. Those pro-abortion fanatics are driven by Satan.

I wouldn’t make too much of it. Someone did something very similar to Tiller’s clinic in May, disabling the security cameras, and poking a hole in the roof so that rain would flow inside.

Dan Monnat, one of Tiller’s attorneys, said wires to security cameras were cut and that vandals also cut through the roof and plugged the building’s downspouts. Rain poured through the hole in the roof and caused several thousand dollars worth of damage.

Emotions run high on both sides of the abortion debate, and individuals do things they shouldn’t do.

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