Man who almost died from coronavirus tells Fox News how drug backed by Trump saved his life

We’ll probably see this reported all over the Leftist media…NOT.
The Leftist media refuses to give President Trump for anything, like his January 31st travel ban from China.

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There was not travel ban from China.
And what is the credit to be given? We have surged to the lead in numbers of infected people, while others have flattened the curve or even arrested the spread,

President Trump’s travel bans on China and Iran have been critically effective in ensuring that Chinese nationals, Iranian nationals, and recent foreign travelers to each of the two countries are not allowed into the interior of the United States in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

On January 31, Trump announced a travel ban on Chinese nationals and foreign travelers who had visited China within the last 14 days. About a month later, while China failed to contain the coronavirus, Trump expanded the travel ban to include Iran, where more than 500 have died from the Wuhan, China virus
We lead the world in # of tested people, and have far less deaths than Italy (11k) and France (7k).


You can say this as often as you like. There was not ban on travel form China. yadayadayada e lead the word in infected people. We had more new cases today than the total number of case in all but ~six countries on earth.

why do you keep ignoring what is spelled out for you???

On January 31, Trump announced a travel ban on Chinese nationals and foreign travelers who had visited China within the last 14 days.


I am ignoring nothing.

On the contrary, what seems to be ignored is that a ban on foreign nationals is not the same thing as a ban on travel from a location. And while such a ban may seem to harsh, if the threat has been understood - IOW if the ban were not just a manifestation of xenophobia than Americans coming back form China should have been isolated and tested. The failure to do that made a mockery of the “ban”, and ultimately resulted in what we have in the US, in contrast to what happened throughout much of Asia.

The discussion of the "travel ban: as though it is a feather in Trump’s cap is an grotesque example of lipstick on a pig. And even the lipstick is gross.

Strange, isn’t it?
Some people just like to be contrarian.

Yes. Very strange when people take positions contrary to actual facts.

But American Citizens were not banned. And people who were allowed back in the country weren’t quarantined but allowed to go anywhere they wanted.

The good thing about the consistent denials is that readers will more likely be drawn to the facts.

The facts are clear. Some countries managed the pandemic well. We sadly rank among the worst. And the cost of that mismanagement is enormous.

Yes, we dropped the ball on quarantining incoming arrivals that were exceptions (citizens).

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Precisely. And the ban against foreigners made no decent sense given this gross error.

Yes, you are correct. Democrats should have agreed to build a wall.

your comment lacks any logic or substance.


Excellent point. The Democrats should have stopped the “impeachment” obsession in January and, instead, dealt with the coronavirus.

Bingo! We had the mayor of New York City (the epicenter of the coronavirus) say this:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was dismissing the impact of the coronavirus nearly two weeks before blasting President Donald Trump for not mobilizing the military to confront the virus.
De Blasio told Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd on March 22 that he asked Trump to mobilize the military to take the virus head on. He went on to suggest that if the president doesn’t act immediately, then “people will die who could have lived otherwise.”
He made similar comments a week prior, telling MSNBC’s Joy Reid on March 14 that the virus is “a war-like situation … We’re in a wartime scenario with a Mar-a-Lago attitude being used by the federal government.” De Blasio was singing a different tune earlier in March.“Since I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives + get out on the town despite Coronavirus,” the Democrat told his Twitter followers on March 3, no more than two weeks before likening the outbreak to a type of World War that required nationalizing industries.
De Blasio went on to offer some suggestions for what New Yorkers should do instead of social distancing “I thought I would offer some suggestions. Here’s the first: thru Thurs 3/5 go see “The Traitor,” he said, referring to a 2019 crime drama about the life and times of a Mafia mob boss.

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In case it doesn’t come to you upon reflection …

This goes back to the simulation that I posted some time ago.
The partial interdict of contagious people does not block the introduction and subsequent spread of the virus. Big error. As such, what is the point of making a nationality based ban? An indecent gesture to a xenophobic base?

dvdjs . . .

(we) lead the word in infected people. We had more new cases today

Parenthetical mine.

Some in the media sound happy about these numbers. At least to me.

They are very self-destructive.

Well dvdjs. It looks like we are doing a lot of testing then doesn’t it?

You can’t have all these positives if nobody is being tested.

How are we doing in deaths? Absolute and per capita?

And remember. Even those numbers may not show much. We will need to take age and comorbidities into account to get a more accurate picture.

That will come in the future.


The United States has conducted the most coronavirus tests in the world.

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