Man who avoided prison is overwhelmed by support


I thought this was a really nice story, goes to show that not ALL people need to be imprisoned for their crimes and that not everyone keeps on offending, hopefully they take this case into consideration in the future when someone says they will not commit anymore crimes, in this case, the guy was not lying.

Its nice to see so many people are donating money to him and that even the prosecutor in the case is going to try to get him out of jail due to him becoming a productive member of society. If we needed another example of not judging a book by its cover, this is definitely it!


Glad he changed his life for the better!




Given the circumstances and the fact that this man has made such a positive change, they need to let him go as having served his time. It seems pretty foolish since it was the error of law enforcement to go on with this. There has to be some point at which we do acknowledge those that make a change for the better. This is one of those times.


I don’t like the title of the article. “Avoided” suggests he did something to not go. “Never sent to jail which was only discovered after they tried to start the paperwork to release him” would be much more accurate. This man shouldn’t be in jail, and someone needs to figure out how he could be “lost” for 13 years. I’m pretty sure the paperwork to release someone from jail isn’t the only official paperwork done on prisoners during their time in jail.


Makes you wonder how many others ‘get lost in the cracks’…I bet there is quite a few people living free that should actually be in jail, especially in the federal system, they are infamous for these kinds of errors.

Not really related, but I had a similar situation, where I bought a used truck over 7 years ago, I made 3 payments on it, and then suddenly the company I made payments to would not accept any payment, they claimed they did not have the lien on this vehicle…so to this day, I never found out why this happened…I was able to get the lien cleared off the vehicle last year, the company on the lien insisted it was not theirs, so I got a truck for the price of 3 monthly payments!

Im assuming there was some kind of paperwork error.


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