Man who claimed mom died in Iraq after Trump's ban lied, Imam confirms



So sad when these stories prove to be untrue. :frowning:


I’m confused. What exactly is sad?


The story was a lie. The man lied.


(In best Gilbert Gottfried voice) “Why am I not surprised?”


Even if it was true, it says his mum died in Iraq after being banned from entering USA. I don’t understand what the problem is, she died in Iraq, which I presume is her home? And if USA was her home, then why was a dying or sick person travelling like that in the first place?
Either way, I keep seeing this happen. There seems to be some kind of status in being a victim I have seen many stories like that and some don’t get to be proven they were a lie which is even sadder.


Has this story been vetted through the “Blame Trump Committee”?

It’s always Trump’s fault.

Which replaces the Always Bush’s Fault.


The US press has been more than happy to run with it though…the ends never justify the means.


Of course he did. The truth doesn’t matter, it just has to fit the popular narrative.


Has any of the MSM apologized for running this fake story?


Zeke Miller, reporter who claimed MLK’s bust was removed from oval office, apologized for the ‘mistake’.

Being FIRST to report something is taking a front seat to VERIFYING, hence, the fake news.


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