Man who crashed stolen truck into planned parenthood clinic headed to prison

Man who crashed stolen truck into planned parenthood clinic headed to prison

Updated Oct 23, 1:30 PM; Posted Oct 23

Marckles AlciusEssex County Prosecutor’s Office

By Jeff Goldman | NJ Advance Media for
A 34-year-old man who injured three people when he purposely drove a stolen bakery truck into a Planned Parenthood clinic in East Orange will be sentenced to 10 years in state prison.

Marckles Alcius on Thursday pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated assault, causing or risking widespread injury or damage and being in possession of the stolen truck, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

Two patients and a staff member were treated for minor injuries after Alcius, of Lowell, Massachusetts steered the vehicle into the building’s waiting room on Feb. 14, 2018. He admitted he targeted the clinic and was willing to die, the prosecutor’s office said.

Violence can not be condoned, ditto for abortion and the great tragedy it inflicts on minority populations by some politicians and those that enable them.

Did he know either of the patients in there?

There are a number of articles on this. Maybe we will find out. He’s originally from Haiti. He is here legally the article says.

The only thing I see wrong is the theft of the truck. If we see abortion as actual murder it’s time to start acting like it, without resorting to harming or killing others.

What could be some strategies for treating abortion like murder without harming people? What would that look like?

ahh so breaking the law to justify your religious views is ok? That’s worked well in Middle East countries, hasn’t it?

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That’s the million dollar question. I’d think at the very least the sabotage of the facilities to prevent more death, while illegal, would at least morally acceptable. Comparable to say, if someone broke into a prison and sabotaged the tools necessary to perform capital punishment.

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Unjust laws deserve no adherence.

You’ll have to be more specific.

Unjust laws, yes, they are that. We must be careful.

I wonder if this guy , Marckles Alcius could have been possibly upset about one of the patients there??

In St. Paul Minnesota, a young man crashed a Planned Parenthood clinic in the early morning, no one was there. I think he just got counseling or an involuntary commitment to a mental institution, something like that (story below) and it was on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade some years back.

People get wired up on issues (we must be careful ourselves). It is understandable for people to get emotional.

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