Man with 'Islamic extremist leanings' attacks NY police


This is the third attack in Canada and the US in less than a week


Interesting follow up article


Does anyone really wonder why more Americans than ever want to arm themselves? I truly think that the government and media are trying to downplay the radical Islamic angle on these attacks because if they didn’t; the guns would FLY off the shelves…


These attacks are not random. This is the kind of violence that the ISIL leadership called for.
The violently psychopathic and unstable have found a home in the Islamist movement.


“This was a terrorist act,” police commissioner Bill Bratton told a news conference on Friday, one day after the attack, saying he was “very comfortable” describing it as a “terrorist attack.”

Police said Zale Thompson, who was 32, unmarried and unemployed, appeared to have acted alone and was not affiliated to a particular group, but that the investigation was ongoing.

Sounds to me more like a nut job than a terrorist.
If I declare myself a Crusader and attack a mosque does that mean Catholic terrorism is on the rise?


Lone Wolf attacks.

Using your example, if there were these “Crusader attacks” also in Moore Oklahoma, Ottawa Canada, the other car attack this past week in Canada, the man accused of killing 4 persons across the nation, Fort Hood and along with that, Americans were enlisting to go fight in an army of Crusaders, then your example would start to be similar.


Well, attacks against abortion clinics and abortion providers do get portrayed as examples of right-wing Christian extremism all the time.


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