Man would rather get fired than watch diversity video



A Social Security Administration employee who believes he shouldn’t have to watch a workplace diversity video about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, because it violates his religious beliefs, fears he may lose his job because of it.


Similar incidents have happened before. Is watching the video the same as engaging in what is considered a sin?

When I was in high school there were some fractious students in the world history class. The point of contention is they didn’t want to hear about any non-Christian religions and equated learning enough about the religion to understand the events as blasphemy.


The difference is that “diversity training” is essentially propaganda. Firing someone for refusing to be indoctrinated is thought policing.


Yes, it’s “social engineering”.


Sounds like everybody is happy then. They don’t have a bigot on staff and he doesn’t have to watch a video about treating gay people like human beings. Win win.

When did diversity become anti-Christian? People are weird.


Yeah, putting your job at risk to avoid watching something you disagree with, seems pretty silly to me.

I mean, when my work threw an optional LGBT awareness thing, I went and listened to the guy. When he used the word ‘homophobe’, I raised my hand and asked him for a definition. He said “That’s someone with an irrational fear of gay people.” I told him that sounded like me, I had felt a little irrational fear in coming, and I asked him if he thought I was a homophobe. Guy stammered out a retraction pretty quickly.

Afterwords, I went up and shook his hand, and we talked a little about the only thing I could think of that we could connect on: X-Men 3 was coming out in a few weeks.

I mean dang - it’s not like I’m going to hell now, right? I didn’t ‘catch gay’ from him. My brain didn’t get washed.

I don’t get people who refuse to allow information into their brains. It’s not like they have to believe everything they hear. It’s not like they need to get offended or injured if someone tells them false stuff.


Yes, that’s awesome. I learn about a subject, then get the side the school isn’t giving.


Government workers are required to undergo EEO training annually. I’m assuming this is part of that training. Depends on content, but if it’s simply here are the regulations on conduct I don’t see it as problematic. They also undergo sexual harassment training annually which emphasizes that includes same-sex harassment/uncomfortable workplace–which kind of requires acknowledging the fact that there very well may be LGB folks in the workplace and they aren’t exempt from the rules.


The classroom incident is too scrupulous and counterproductive. People who have the Truth on their side shouldn’t be afraid of discourse. It’s how Peter got people to convert, for one.

I have no idea what the content of this video is but it may not even mention anything about homosexual relations or so-called gay “marriage”. So to answer the question and reading the article, this sounds like a Protestant/Evangelical stance instead of an outright Catholic one.

To be honest, if there’s no affirmation of homosexual behavior, I don’t see the problem. For Catholics it’s the behavior that is the sin.

All things considered, if he said he were a Muslim, this would be over and apologies would be issued—as there should be. Sin or not, this is just another case of bullying Christians, and I always ask:

If one’s bedroom life is so great, equal and powerful why does it need this kind of support?


Some of the sexual harassment training is starting to reflect feminist values.


I don’t think anyone can claim he is a bigot, after all, he never said anyone should not be treated with respect. Just because one does feels that sexual activity belongs solely in the confines of a marriage between a man and a woman does not one a bigot. In this day and age it adds diversity to the workplace.


What’s he gonna do, close his eyes every time he sees gay romantic activity?

Like it or not, gay is part of our society, and employers get to tell workers what to do.





That’s more of an argument for a private business.


Government is an employer like any other.

I’m sure one could drag out a USSC case that says otherwise, but fighting the government in its own game is a long, lonely business. I wish him luck!



Not knowing the content of the video, it is mere speculation that it is indoctrination or thought policing. In fact, given that he worked for the Social Security Administration, the most likely content of the video would be training in how to relate to the public on these issues.


“The video is a Trigger! I need a Safe Space where I won’t need to hear about it!”

Hey, it works on college campuses…



I agree, Especially since the article stated the employees were told to watch at their work station and certify they had seen it. This could have been avoided if he said “Yes boss, I watched it”


Exactly. Good point.:thumbsup:


Seems like an extreme response to me.

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