Manafort sues DOJ, Mueller over Russia probe authority

Oh, that’s going to go well for him.

Ollie North did the same thing…failed miserably.

Manafort will look good in an orange suit.

Why not do it? Mueller wants him in jail, no matter what, so why not spin the wheel and see where it lands? If I had Manafort’s money, I would probably do the same thing. So would most of us.

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No matter what?
I would imagine that a man of Mueller’s integrity wants the guilty in jail, and is not looking to put a specific person in jail “no matter what”. You suggest otherwise is quite an attack. Do you have honest justification for such an attack?

It’s the right wing talking point that the independent counsel cannot act properly and is clearly an agent of the Democrats (even though Mueller is a Republican) or the DEEP STATE (say that will a lot of bass in your voice) which I think is kind of like the Masons or the Illuminati (that is, a fantasy of those on the right).

I would love to see Manafort win!

Because cheering for money launderering fraudsters is what modern Conservatism is all about!

But really, he’s not actually doing this to win, you know. It’s a stalling tactic. It keeps away from a court room and the possibility of prison for that much longer. The Special Counsel was granted wide latitude in investigating any crimes he might come across, and that means, if along the way, he discovers evidence sufficient that a Grand Jury would indict someone for money laundering and fraud, well, then, isn’t that a good thing? Don’t you think someone accused of money laundering and fraud sufficient for a Grand Jury indictment should have their day in court?

Where’s all this “tough on crime” rhetoric I keep hearing from conservatives?

I’ve come to believe that tough on crime is code for racism as well. Look at the crimes Manafort is accused on and then you have conservatives saying that they hope he wins, not that they hope justice is done or anything like that.

I think the Mueller investigation has been a sham.

Really? What makes you think it is a sham?

It’s probably a good play for Mannafort. Special Counsels aren’t supposed to be fishing expeditions, they’re supposed to be investigating a specific crime. Crimes outside the “Trump colluding with Russia” investigation shouldn’t be within Mueller’s purview. Any information he finds outside his purview should be turned over to the appropriate federal authorities for proper disposition.


Not according to the text of the authorization.

Manafort has nothing to loose by doing this. But have you heard any legal discussion that suggests that this motion has reasonable chance of succeeding?

Well, that’s your opinion, obviously, but since Mueller has convinced a grand jury that there is sufficient evidence that Manafort committed fraud and money laundering, what you’re really saying is that you want those alleged crimes ignored.

Well, it’s netted four indictments and two convictions where the parties plead guilty to felonies, so I’m not sure how you could consider it a sham.

A sham would be continuous investigations while netting NO indictments or convictions.

Has it found any collusion between Trump and Russia yet? Wasn’t that the purpose of the investigation?

Have they concluded their investigation yet? No. And it’s a very tight lipped organization, so I don’t expect to know a lot.

But there is no doubt that the Trump campaign at the highest level attempted to collude with the Russian government as Donald Jr admitted so.

That is the primary purpose, but the Special Counsel has wide latitude to investigate other crimes he finds. And since the investigation is likely to go on for some time, why is it that you keep wanting it to end? There are already some rumors circulating that Kushner himself is a potential target for investigation, and the key to all of this is peculiar loans and links to Russian banks.

No doubt? Maybe you should contact Mueller if you have the in formation he is looking

Which appears to be the purpose of this lawsuit, trying to narrow down the latitude of the SC to just what he was empaneled to investigate.

I’m okay with that. We need SCs, and we need them to be powerful, but that power needs to be limited to a specific scope.

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