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Good morning,
I posted briefly on this and could not find original post. I am watching management mAking life miserable for my direct supervisor--so I can replace her. She is incompetant and was told this during my interview with the company.
Seems a conversation that management had with me was overheard by a friend of hers, and now no one in the department is talking to me, it was a silly thing-I asked where something was when the incompetant person was off that day and this was blown out of proportion.
When my incompetant boss came in she told me neverN never, go to her boss for anything and so on. I told her this is ridiculous, and that it is gossip and whoever told her this is starting trouble because it was so insignificant.
Now most of the department on her same level are her friends and will not talkl to me at all.
Upper management likes me tells me to sit tight, a meeting to ask her to leave is this weej.
Should I start looking elsewhere for a position or how do I deal with this going further?

I think what upper management is doing is wrong morally-they should just tell her the job is not for her, and the relationships with my coworkers is now damaged.

Please pray, and any advice greatly appreciated.


I think I remember your original post.

You were asked to come back, right?

It sounds like this supervisor is the one making life difficult for herself and you have expertise that she doesn't.

She has no right to tell you who you should or should not talk to, especially if it is to do with failings in her own performance. Clearly if she was not already recognised by management to be rubbish at her job, they would not have given you much in the way of credence in what you might have said to them.

Her misery at the hands of her managers is most likely her own fault, provided they're not being totally unreasonable themselves in what they expect of her. From what you've said previously I don't think you can be held to blame.

As for the others in the department, well they'll just have to get over it. Stick with it for the time being. If you've not done anything wrong it will become apparent. For all we know, these other grumpy people might be worried about their own failings as well... that often makes people look for scapegoats. If anyone says anything nasty to you, you either just ignore them or tell them to take their issues up with the management themselves.


Yes, I could not find my original post. I was called by someone I knew in upper management to replace this person. It is dragging...I am miserable. My connection in upper management should have called me after they terminated this person. I cannot function at this job without personal connections, and I did nothing wrong, I hate going to work. - hate witnessing what they are doing to the incompetant person-- Please pray for me for strength to deal with this falllout, now and in the near future when I replace her. This whole scenario seems so anti- catholic to me- but business is business-I understand that.

I have given up my career in the past to raise my children and this corporate stuff is killing me. Not used to it, and this is my first position since.


Not only is this immoral, it is illegal. It is called constructive discharge. What it indicates to me is that management at this company does not know how to properly deal with performance problems. It also indicates serious culture issues. You can look forward to more of the same.

You will now be painted with the same brush by your new peers and subordinates-- you were in on it. You cannot deny it. You cannot overcome it. Your subordinates and peers will neither trust nor respect you.

Yes, I think you will be unsuccessful at managing these employees, especially if their current supervisor is well liked. Even if she isn't well liked, there is nothing like a perceived injustice to galvanize a team against a new leader.

Personally, I would find employment elsewhere. But, that is your decision to make.


[quote="mommy_k, post:3, topic:317718"]
This whole scenario seems so anti- catholic to me- but business is business-I understand that.


I think it would be a mistake to cast this as business run properly, or just the way business is. This is not the way business is when run properly. This is what business looks like when run by cowardly, incompetent UPPER management-- that includes your "connection" who put you in this position.

[quote="mommy_k, post:3, topic:317718"]
I have given up my career in the past to raise my children and this corporate stuff is killing me. Not used to it, and this is my first position since.


It would suggest that not all "corporate stuff" is like this. Find an ethical place to work. This is not an ethical place.


If they’ll treat one employee this way, they’ll treat others the same. You might want to consider if this is they type of company you want to work for. As you say, they have damaged your relationship with your co-workers – how is that going to work when become the boss?

Having said that – I would never tell my boss that something he/she said was “ridiculous.” Even if she’s incompetent, she is still, for the moment, your boss, and should receive the respect due the position.


As far as I know she was given several opportunities to step down from this position during performance reviews and declined. Now she is being micro managed.

I asked her superior where I could find a travel voucher to submit for reimbursement.

That’s why I told her it was ridiculous to make such a big issue out of things. Seems while the supervisor looked for voucher she found a mess.

The incompetant manager told the whole dept. I went over her head. That’s the gossip part.


Well, thank u for your prayers. Seems she came to me crying after they had a meeting with her and I told her she could be a top-producer if she did not have her other responsibilities that were over her head. She hugged me and now I am her boss as she has stepped down.
I told her that I could feel coldness in the department, and she told all her buddies to back off because of the kindness I showed to her.

Not what I expected, but I know Jesus had his hand in this.:slight_smile:


There's a saying: people rise to their level of incompetence.

At that point one needs to recognise it and step back down a level. That way one can live a happy and fulfilled life. It seems that this has happened with your colleague and I'm glad she has apparently recognised that as it'll be a whole lot easier all round as a result.

See... it was worth hanging on through the storm wasn't it? :)


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