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I was catching up on some mail and read about my 6th grader New York mandate health classes that will be given after school. He will then ride home on the 3:00 pm bus which is what the High Schoolers ride back on. The school is all in one. Grade school, middle shool, high school. I dont think this set up is as bad as i first thought. You dont see cops on school grounds like I have seen on strictly high school grounds, but I still dont want him coming home on a bus with high schoolers. Also, I was wondering if “health” classes are the same as sex education classes. Do I as a parent have a right to take him out if I dont approve? What steps should a parent take? Is anyone familiar with upstate NY health education?

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You have every right to know what is being taught to your child and to exempt him from attendance if you believe it violates your religious values. Contact the school/teacher who can provide you with a written description of the 6th grade health curriculum as well as an opportunity to view any teaching materials–including video–that will be presented to the children. You will likely have to go in to view it. Afterwards–you can decide whether it is appropriate for your son. If you find it offensive in some manner you may only need to remove him from the class for a matter of several days–not the entire program–and will probably need to sign a form to that effect. It would not surprise me to learn that the reason the class is held at the end of the day is partially due to parents who have chosen to opt-out of the class in the past.

As far as taking the later bus…I can empathize with your concerns. Is simply picking him up an option for you? You are probably not the only parent with this concern–what about a car-pool for the days affected by this class?


Not to be an alarmist - but I don’t think that they’re going to be teaching your son Natural Family Planning. They’re probably going to teach about AIDs, and make some reference to barrier contraceptives. If I were you I’d definitely review the Curriculum, then opt out if it is what I think it will be, then try to get any catholic friends to opt out, and maybe try to stop this. It is truly disgusting that they would teach children this - it serves only to corrupt the children.



I would definitely go and find out what they are teaching. My guess is that there will be something in there contrary to church teachings.

If you opt out will he then just ride the regular bus those days? Why not prepare something yourself and then use those days to do your own “health class”? It would be a great “excuse” to sit down and have a talk with him since its “health class” time at school - health class time at home.

Good Luck!


I live in upstate ny. As kind of school, although the school day is the same length for all grades. No cops, never. We had health in 7th grade and then again in high school. It’s not really sex ed. Actually, there is more sex ed in 5th and 6th grade science, at least in my school. It’s more about drugs, alcohol, healthy eatting, etc. It covers a range of “health topics”. I think that baby think it over is a part of health now, but only for high school.


I’m pretty sure it’s varied. You’ll get eating, drugs, exercize…


You have the right to preview any and all materials. In most states, you have the right to opt out of all or part of repro health classes. Some states require a note or confirmation as to why you want to opt your child out. You may have difficulty getting info or getting someone to discuss this with you, but you must make the effort to do so. BTDT!


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