Mandatory Deadly Vaccine: Grounds for a Revolution

I think this is extremely disturbing:

It’s supposed to hit the fan this January. Thats right, THIS JANUARY! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Wait till they come to me if this is in Michigan. I never get flu shots because I never have handled shots well in my life and I have only had influenza once in my whole life. No one but no one is forcing me to suffer a needle I don’t want in my body period.

Very VERY disturbing. :eek:

Very scary indeed. If this passes, how long until all the other states follow suit? :frowning: Maybe the goverment will set up “re-educaton” camps.

I’m assuming that the rest of the states have at least a little bit more sense than Massachusetts does. They have been known for a while as the most liberal state in the nation, and really what do you expect? I at least hope that the rest of the states would have more common sense than that.

I am curious as to what solutions should be implemented during a major outbreak of serious illness. Should someone like Mary Mallon ever be locked up against her will or does the government have no at all responsibility to stop or limit an infectious spread? Should the CDC be disbanded?


Here is the bill.

Being Michigan myself, whatever they do it will take longer because our legislature will fight endlessly over it. But when something is agreed on Ill have to watch because Michigan does it’s own thing and has nothing in common legally with the other states.

I don’t like the government requiring things like this, but I can see it for some degrees of illness. Although it’s nowhere near that point now.

But for example, I have asthma. If I get the flu, it can be very dangerous. Lots of people are totally inconsiderate of other people. We just had the swine flu break out on my campus. The school send out several e-mails telling people to stay home if they were sick, but most people didn’t listen. Even in the school of health professions we had people coming in sick.

I wouldn’t approve of it for the swine flu, but maybe some kind of measures if we ever had a deadly pandemic.

We had the case of Mary Mallon. She was a cook with infectious Typhoid fever. As a cook, sher spread the disease everywhere she went. SInce she did not wish to give up her profession, she had to be quarantined on an island to keep her from going to job to job killing people.

In certain classes I came in sick because , id loose vualuable information that could make me fail the class, but in my cae it would be something re3lated to the stomach. If there are outbreaks classes should be closed to down to eleviate the fear of missing important info.

A good example of why there should be sick pay.

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