Mandatory mask poll

Do you agree with the mandatory mask orders?

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  • No
  • No feelings either way

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Edit: This post got a little off track. It’s more about whether the government has the ability to mandate it rather than the effectiveness of masks. Thanks

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I think people should be smart enough to make their own decisions, but, with that said, if you are NOT wearing a mask, stay FAR FAR AWAY FROM ME.


Or, you could stay far far away from that person. This is nearly always an option.


Masks have been mandatory for entering businesses in my county since April, although some businesses enforce this strongly and others do not. In any event I’ve seen few complaints except from Internet keyboard warriors who often don’t even live around here.


I agree with it and hate that my cities businesses don’t enforce it enough. I judge anyone I see not wearing one as too broke to have one, or as someone who hasn’t seen the news in the last 8 months, otherwise all I would see is degenerate behavior.


I agree with the intentions behind the mandate, and I think that out of an abundance of caution, most people should wear masks in public.

I do not agree that the governors have the right to impose a mandate of this nature.


Answers may vary based on locale. Here, lack of a mask mandate for a month after opening killed, and is killing people. I only see on pro-life position on this.


I agree. I see this as a slippery slope when the Governors try to enforce a particular article of clothing. reflections from the past maybe?

I don’t mind at all others wearing them and I have on occasion when in tight quarters but it can’t and shouldn’t be forced on a particular person. Also, there’s the aspect of encouraged bullying, to call it lightly, when some people see others without one.

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Masks don’t work and they are annoying. I couldn’t care less about the dirty looks I sometimes get.


I’ve been working through all this and we’ve only had 2 cases in the facility, across all shifts, 4 months apart, and they both contracted it from someone outside the facility despite a low percentage of mask wearers at work. I’m convinced there’s some factor in genes or blood type that is making it more deadly in certain areas with or without masks.


I only wear it if mandated. (Not wearing one now) :upside_down_face:


Or you could choose to stay FAR FAR AWAY FROM ME.


They help prevent the spread if you are potentially sick. I’ve worn mine at least in part because I can’t be sure if I’m sick or not, and I don’t want to risk spreading it to other people.


Agreed. Nobody at my facility has contracted it nor have any of their families. We’re all working around the public too.

Maybe my O- blood type has spared me :man_shrugging:t2:


Perhaps CAF needs to mandate masks and gloves for posting.

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Now everyone can be happy.


Oh, I’m sure that’ll be next


That’s kinda tough if we’re in the same aisle at the grocery store.


That will cause distance for another reason.

Just my own personal opinion for what it’s worth:
The whole mask thing-----not just for Mass----was confusing and not correctly specified from the start. THAT is why people aren’t wearing their masks. They’ve been told so many things by so many “experts” that they don’t know what to believe any more. Our Bishop recently put a notice that he is ENCOURAGING masks any time any one goes out anywhere including Mass. Our Governor has done the same. I wasn’t wearing my mask except when required to while being a Sacristan at Church and when going to appointments where I had to. Now I am wearing my mask when out anywhere. I’m not thrilled to do it in this heat and humidity but I do it because of the request of our Bishop and our Governor and I want this whole Covid mess to be done and over with ASAP.


You can either choose to only go to stores that require masks or take your chances.

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