Manhattan Beach/Los Angeles parish recommendations

I will be in Manhattan Beach - Los Angeles area next weekend. Does anybody have any recommendations for a good traditional parish?

I would be appreciative of any help.

A little bit further south is a beautiful parish, Ss. Peter and Paul.


Thank you for the recommendation the Church does look beautiful.

Do you know anything about the liturgies, are they traditional, what is the music like, etc.?

The parish is run by the Norbertines, arguably the most traditional order of priests in Southern California. The 9:30 AM Sunday Mass is Novus Ordo Latin once per month, but they use substantial Latin in other Masses, even the daily Masses. Holy Communion is distributed at the rail.

The Mass is as reverent as a NO Mass can get. My only wish is that they would celebrate it ad orientem at their high altar.

Do be cognizant, however, that if you are not familiar with Spanish, that some of their Masses are conducted in Spanish.

Thanks for the recommedation Alex.

My wife and I went to St. Peter and Paul yesterday. Definitely one of the best Ordinary Use Masses that I’ve been to.

The Church was beautiful.

The priest had a good homily and prayed the Mass devoutly. Although it wasn’t ad orientem, his posture and reverence and the candles and the crucifix on the altar gave an ad orientem feel to it.

People were modestly dressed, and given the priest’s announcement at the end of Mass and the signs posted in the Church, it seems like they’ve been working on this with excellent results.

The hymns, although quite lackluster and OCP type, were done in a way which didn’t take away from the reverence of the Mass, and the cantor was up in the choir loft, out of site, so I was neutral on the music.

There was quite a bit of Latin (kind of like EWTN Mass).

There was a priest hearing confessions during Mass, and a long line for it, and I saw a couple people after Mass approach Father for Confession as well, so there seems to be some attention on that sacrament at this parish.

One thing I found quite strange, and is probably due to the heavy handedness of the Bishop of Orange, was that half the people stood from the Agnus Dei on while the other half knelt, I of course knelt.

Overall, a good experience, would have preferred an Extraordinary Use Mass, but didn’t leave feeling like I did not properly worship the Lord, such as has happened at other Ordinary Use parishes.

I can see how much of a positive effect the Extraordinary Use has on the Ordinary Use by priests who celebrate both Uses (as the Norbertine Fathers who run this parish do).

St. Augustine in Culver City. Culver City is not too far from Manhattan. It’s a very friendly parish.

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