Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience - Urgent Alert

Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience - Urgent Alert - Chuck ColsonPosted by Bill Boltinghouse on July 2, 2010 at 4:29pm
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Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience

Urgent Alert
Dear Friends:

This is an urgent alert.

You need to know about what may be one of the gravest, most insidious threats to religious freedom I’ve seen in my lifetime: What may be an attempt, at the very highest levels of government, to RE-DEFINE the very
meaning of religious freedom, from “free exercise” to merely private worship.

If what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a speech at Georgetown University reflects a new direction in government policy, then mark my words, our religious liberties are in peril.

Please, click on the link below to see my “Two Minute Warning” video commentary at the Manhattan Declaration website to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Study carefully the play on words; words matter.

I urge you: Watch this video, share it with friends. Blog about it. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper - point out what is going on. It’s time to expose this outrageous and dangerous
assault on religious freedom.

We cannot be asleep at our posts while we still have the freedom to speak out.

Chuck Colson

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;
When the government fears the people, there is liberty

Soutane, what you posted doesn’t really tell us anything, other than that the author is upset.

Could you tell us the main point(s) of the video?

You need to know about what may be one of the gravest, most insidious threats to religious freedom I’ve seen in my lifetime: What may be an attempt, at the very highest levels of government, to RE-DEFINE the very
meaning of religious freedom, from “free exercise” to merely private worship.

If what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a speech at Georgetown University reflects a new direction in government policy, then mark my words, our religious liberties are in peril.

Please, click on the link below to see my “Two Minute Warning” video commentary at the Manhattan Declaration website to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Study carefully the play on words; words matter


Soutane, you didn’t provide any new information. You simply repeated the vague warning in the first post. If you are going to use a video as your news source, it really is a good idea to summarize its most important points.


Okay, Chuck Colson recently wrote about Hillary Clinton’s speech at Georgetown University. Here is his concern:

But she never mentioned freedom of religion. Only freedom of worship. This is a big change.

In the First Amendment, the founders (whose work we celebrate this weekend) wisely ensured that government could not prohibit the “free exercise” of religion. And that means so much more than freedom of worship. It guarantees that we are not restricted to living out our faith in the privacy of our homes or church sanctuaries. It means we are free to exercise our religion-and contend for faith-in every area of life.

Just this clever dissembling of words is an apparent attempt to restrict freedom of religion to freedom of worship only. Do you see the implications? Sure, I am free to attend church, sing hymns, pray over meals, offer thanks to God for my children and grandchildren. That’s my own private affair.

But should the government succeed in redefining freedom of religion, how much longer can I practice my faith in public?

erm… Mr. Colson seems concerned about something very unrealistic. Ms. Clinton is in charge of foreign policy, not the US Constitution. He is spinning scary stories which have nothing to do with her, or her statement.

Oh Dear! Put on your tinfoil hats!!
This video is made by Chuck Colson, who went to prison for trying the cover up the burglary During watergate. Since his release from prison, he makes his living by trying to scare Christians into thinking that at any moment the government will take away their religious freedom, unless they buy his books and “donate” to his cause.

His video starts out by making a segue from Orwell’s 1984 to Hilliary Clinton by speaking about the mind control that was used in the book…remember get out your tin foil hats to block the evil mind control waves that are on their way from DC your brain right at this very moment. He even uses his “scary voice” in the video to get your attention.

I wonder how he feels about fluoride in the water?

Here is a direct link to the video:

There is a shift from freedom of religion to freedom of worship.

What it means is that you are free to go inside a building and worship however and whomever you want as long as it does not enter the public square. It is essentially the push to drive religion underground, which is equivalent to forming a state secular religion.

I wouldn’t call worshiping in a church, temple, mosque, synagogue or cathedral being forced underground.

My Catholic friend got married last summer in a small town in upstate New York. She wanted to get married in a small park in the public town square. The village gave her permission, however priest would not preform the ceremony outside the actual Church building as one would need special permission from the Bishop because the Catholic Church frowns on most outdoor masses. Unless it the Pope or Bishop holding the Mass at an outside venue because of the number of people attending…like the Papal Mass at Yankee Stadium etc.

This isn’t happening quite yet, but we need to pay close attention or we’ll end up like Soviet Russia. We’re supposed to be a free country.

Thank you for explaining succinctly that which I did not.Chuck Colson is a very sincere Fundamentalist who actually thinks Catholics are Christians and actually LIKES us.He is no ChickenLittle.Make sure you don`t go out in a lightening storm in your little tin hat.:wink:

er…thats for our Buddhist friend who completely misses the point of the Christian or other Faiths voices being driven from the public square.If I want to worship in the public square I will.If I want my Catholic voice to be heard in government,media and every venue that the secularists try to bar us from,IT WILL BE HEARD or I will be martyred for it.

The Nanny State is trying to tell you to go be a Catholic,Buddhist in a corner and stop guilting everyone(do Buddhist`s even believe in God or is it more of a philosophy?)

Catholics have a duty to evangelise the world,that`s why the first ones were willing to be torn apart by wild animals to witness for Jesus Christ.Are we going to dishonour their bravery and martyrdom which directly gave us our Faith-NOT BLOODY LIKELY.

(Im not yelling I just dont know how to italicise or otherwise put emphasis on a phrase):eek:

To italicize right click and keep holding down just past the last letter of the word or phrase you want to italicize and drag your mouse to the left, thereby highlighting it then while it is still highlighted click in the I on the upper left, just outside the text box that you are writing in and viola! :slight_smile:

Yes I believe in God and pray almost every chance I get and I am very thankful that I was created and blessed with a wonderful husband and children. I am not against someone worshiping in public, I think all faiths should do it,…would be a better world. However I just don’t see how the government is interfering with our first amendment rights, at this point
PS. The tinfoil hat remark was tongue in cheek, however the fluoride remark was not. There are people (John Birch Society) who believe that flouride in the water is a mind control attempt by the government, I kid you not.

Namaste,สุขสันต์ปีใหม่,I tried the method you mentioned but it doesn’t seem to work on this blasted laptop.I guess I’ll continue to capitalise but I do not wish to disturb anyone’s wah.

"However I just don’t see how the government is interfering with our first amendment rights, AT THIS POINT"That is precisely my …er…point.

It’s what’s coming down the pike that concerns me.As a Canadian I do not have First ammendment rights,but I have a Bill of Rights that our activist courts and quasi-judicial kangaroo Human Rights Commissions try to fiddle with to shut us Christians up.Even members of these Show-Trial courts have said they are unconstitutional and Canadians want them GONE.

We have a conservative government in place and you guys have elected the most radical leftist President in your history.I fully believe that he realizes that he will be a one termer but the damage he will do will make Carter look like Atilla the Hun;that,combined with the most Godless Congress in your history does not bode well for people of Faith.

They try to silence us about porn,contraception,abortion,euthanasia and the indoctinization of Children in SCHOOLS to view homosexuality as normal instead of an unfortunate abberation that affects 1.5% of the population,IF.Also the normalization of so-called same-sex marriage.

As a follower of the Buddha,I expect that you are a little more laissez faire about such doings but strangely the Dalhi Lama is not,particularly with the latter point.

As people of faith we must not be content with our silent corners but we must speak loudly from the centre of the square and if the secular fundamentalists don’t like it,well,as my son says,it sucks to be them.

Namaste Soutane. (translation: I salute God within you) and thank you! You even got the sanskrit, although I don’t read sanskrit hehe. I am a white woman, American born.

Laptops because of a modified keyboard and usually no mouse, can be difficult for me too.
Whoever thought when we were going up that a mouse could be so desirable? hehe

So you are Canadian? I love Canada and have been to all 10 Provinces plus BOTH territories! Our neighbors (same-sex couple) got married in Canada. One of them was Canadian but became a naturalized US citizen many years ago.

You are correct in your assumption that I would hold a different point of view on the topics you mentioned. However please don’t confuse the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances with being guaranteed that those grievances will in fact be remedied to one’s satisfaction. There is an old saying: “You can try to sue anyone you want, doesn’t mean you will win your case”

I along with my husband and children live in Manhattan, considered by some as a bastion of socialism, however we see all sorts of protests and demonstrations every day by all different groups left, right and center upset about something.

Happy *belated *Canada Day!:slight_smile:

:thumbsup: It’s kind of like the “frog in the water” …the water heats up just a degree or so and he doesn’t notice anything…keeps heating up ever so slowly and still he doesn’t notice…pretty soon the water is boiling…bye bye, Mr. Froggie!:slight_smile:

I kind of like that analogy to compare to people that don’t take anything very seriously. Keep letting it go and pretty soon we will all be the little froggies in the boiling water.:eek:

Gassho and Namaste,Kuan Lin(translation,s’il vous plais)I am Johnny Canuck and have maple syrup instead of blood.I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK!How in the world did you get to see all ten provinces and territories-astral projection?:DSorry couldn’t resist.I don’t think Buddhists do that.i’ve only seen five and I’m a native.Not a "native"native only a native.:p.I have a special treat for you for being so nice:
Shoot!I’m a Luddite and techno-incompetent I was trying to import a you tube Monty Python sketch called I’m a lumberjack and I’m Ok!Oh,well my heart is in the right place.
Happy Independence Day!

It DID work!!!Please enjoy-we really are like that:p

Er…some of us anyway.Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go dynamite a log jam.

That was a wonderful treat!! I LOVE Monte Python!!
I didn’t use astral projection, although I wish I could but I think that is for Samantha Stephens on “Bewitched”–oh how I envied her growing up. Would love to have those powers hehe
I saw Canada the old fashioned way…by car and over the course of many years I would say 7-8 summer vacations…or as you would say “summer holiday”:slight_smile:


My priest RARELY offers a message smacking of politics, but last nights homily was along these very lines. There has been an increased push toward secularism since the “englightenment” and Christians are increasingly marginalized. Our priest specifically gave examples of how we are already seeing a difference in policy between private worship and public exercise of our religion. He started the homily giving us the text from the first amendment which says that the free exercise of our religion can’t be legislated against. However, he gave the example of how Boston has had to stop offering adoption services because the law says that all adoption services must place children with unmarried and gay couples. Washington D.C. recently insisted that any company offering insurance must give insurance to gay domestic partners which forced the diocese there to stop giving insurance at all to its employees. And when he gave a homily that said that anyone voting for a Pro-Choice candidate with full knowledge of that person’s stand on abortion he received quite a few emails saying that the Church should have its tax exemption revoked. He foresaw a day when the Government could decide that a Church school would have to hire a gay man to teach in 4th grade and that Catholic schools would be forced to disband. And a day when gay marriage would be the law of the land and churches would be forced to perform gay marriages or lose the right to perform legally binding marriages at all. He cited that in many other countries, a couple already has to go to a judge first for a legal marriage and then to the Church for a Christian marriage.
He DIDN’T mention that Obamacare offers no conscience protection to Catholic medical workers and that already people are being denied work in the health industry because they will not use vaccines developed by embryonic stem cells or will not offer artificial birth control (whether it directly causes abortion or not). And Catholic doctors may be required under Obamacare to perform abortions.
The danger is real. The framework has already been established to shut Christians up. Bill Maher is shown in Ben Stein’s Expelled to say that Christians should be forced to stay home and pray and leave their beliefs out of the public debate for our “ignorance” and it appears that we will be pushed by this government more and more to just give in to the culture of death and to comply on issues of homosexual activity and abortion or face punishment by the Government.
I would highly encourage that readers check out Michael Voris’ CIA (Catholic Investigative Agency) on his where he follows the money, starting first with a program on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and its relationship with the Bishop of Detroit at the time of CCHD’s founding, Cardinal Bernadin’s false theology of the “seamless garment” and Saul Alinsky and then continuing in the second program with a number of other Catholic in name only groups aligned with and funded by the same atheist George Soros that is beyond, ACORN, and a number of other community organizers.

There will come a day, and now we can see it clearly looming at us over the horizon, that Christians will be asked to do terrible things against God’s law. Those Christians, if courageous enough, will have to stand firm in their faith. They will go to jail, they will be fined, and it may even come to physical persecution. God’s people MUST STAND FIRM AND STRONG in the face of evil. I pray every day that we are all given the grace we need to withstand the persecutions of the coming days.


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