Manhattan Declaration


Hello. I’m almost new here. ‘Almost’ because I’ve been a long-time lurker of this forum and I suppose I consider myself an old-timer in this sense.

I haven’t written before because I thought there was nothing I could really contribute that others in this forum haven’t already. Most contributors have been brilliant in their responses.

Besides, the written word is not really my forte, and especially because English is my second language I’ve felt intimidated to come forward.

However, something has come to my attention and I thought that I should bring this to your attention. I know that this probably should be somewhere else, but since this is the forum I most go to, I thought I would present it here.

No response is needed. I just wanted you guys to read this. Thank you.

This definitely relates to family life.

Oh, by the way…This forum has been largely instrumental on my keeping focus on being Catholic. At least, delving deeper into the Catholic faith. Although, a cradle-Catholic, my faith has been shallow at the very least. I’m just taking my baby steps.

Thank you zealots :slight_smile:


Zealots? :roftl:

I've signed this already! Back when it was in its first days, at 4000 something.(heard of it on CAF of course ;))
Now it's at 263 000!!! WOW!:eek:

Keep on lurking... and feel free to post too. I found that becoming a prayer warrior helps to give me a sense of duty, that I really need to keep posting. So would being a greeter, etc.

This site is a really really really good way of growing in your Catholic faith! The people here have helped me more than I will ever even know!!



I signed at about 2600, I think:):slight_smile:


I'm a slacker - signed around 198,000 . . . .:o

Nice first post, seeker . . . welcome aboard!


Here's the link to the Manhattan Declaration:

I think this should go into the millions. Every Christian should sign it, Catholics and non-Catholics, as well as Jewish people, Muslims, ....


I signed it, terrific declaration and I'm glad it spans the whole of Christianity.


Thanks for the welcome everyone.

I’m not from the US, otherwise I would sign it too.

It is nice that a declaration of this sort has come out. Is it just me or has there been more open declarations of this nature? To wit:

Or maybe I’m just catching up lol. I’ve been in the freezer, only just now defrosting (as I alluded earlier).

Ps. The zealots monicker came up from one of the forums I read here (‘secret counsel of zealots’ lol. From a non-catholic asking for some advise).


Your English is wonderful.

And while the petition sounds like a wonderful idea and, in theory, is good, the anonymity of the Internet provides makes petitions useless. Even if you were to only allow one signature per IP address you have people with multipe IP addresses (laptop, home computer, work computer, blackberry) and computers with multiple users (library, school, etc). That and someone who wanted to sway the tally could just use an name generator and add on till their hearts desire.

My prayers will be with you, though.


Sadly, that is true…but the original was hard copy and I’m in hopes that hard copies are sent out. i will sign it, as well.


I signed it and I will have no problem whatsoever with publishing my name, should the organizers decide to do so. I work in the healthcare industry and I’m really fed up with what this administration is trying to accomplish. See part 3 of the declaration - protecting the conscience of healthcare providers. One of President Obama’s first actions in office was to rescind former President Bush’s executive order that was meant to protect the conscience of healthcare providers, by asking clinics and hospitals to get certified for compliance with the conscience protection laws. The hypocrisy of the leaders of the culture of death is breathtaking. While they talk about freedom of choice, they have no problem taking away the pro-life doctors’ and pharmacists’ freedom of choice, forcing them to participate in murder by abortion and in contraception. True, the all-out assault hasn’t come yet, they didn’t try to kill yet the conscience protection laws themselves, they just removed the teeth of laws by eliminating one effective means of enforcing them. So, they are already probing our resistance, trying to see how much they can get away with. Well, I, for one, am not going to take this lying down. I fully agree with the 18 Catholic Cardinals and Bishops, and the other Christian leaders who signed the declaration, that we need to resist, including by civil disobedience if the leaders of the culture of death are going to pass immoral laws. I’m fully prepared to do just that - resist, including by way of civil disobedience if necessary. And i’m going to speak out, whenever and wherever I can make myself heard and make a difference.


We should all sign this. It doesn't matter that there's a theoretical possibility for generating and using fake signatures. Most people won't do that anyway. Most people simply don't care enough even to sign their own real names. However, if we care about the helpless, the unborn, the terminally ill, those whom the pro-death society will simply consider a financial burden to be physically eliminated, we should shake our apathy, sign the Manhattan Declaration, and put the culture of death on notice. There's strength in our numbers. And then, we should be prepared to do whatever it takes to uphold our moral values and not to give in to the demands of the culture of death.


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