Manhattan declaration

I’d be interested to hear comments and opinions on the Manhattan Declaration.

The thing that struck me more than anything about the Manhattan Declaration is the unity of protestants and Catholics and Orthodox leaders. This is awesome. Standing together with all Christians on important issues to our culture and society while not compromising Catholic teaching is something we need more of. Too often, we have a seige mentality as Catholics where we don’t want to touch protestants with a ten-foot pole, dont’ want to see them get credit for anything good. All good is God’s good. All truth is God’s truth. Who is doing the good and who is speaking the truth doesn’t diminish that. They are missing out on some awesome truth, but they also have much awesome truth to offer the world. Working with them, where our Catholic faith allows, which is a vast domain, can only help toward the restoration of unity that we all should be praying for.

Anyone can sign the Manhattan Declaration and I signed it myself a few weeks ago. I support what it stands for and so I signed it. :thumbsup:

You can sign it by going here:

Yes, I signed it, too.

Yes, I also signed. Note that there were like 150 Christian leaders invited to be the first signatories, with over a dozen Catholic bishops included. So, while it’s open to anyone to sign, the founding signatories were formally invited and deliberately included Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant leaders, and their participation represents more than just a routine opportunity to sign a petition they support.

My opinion on the Manhattan Declaration: Good. Very, very good. I signed it! :smiley: May an acknowledgment of, and submission to, and living-out of, the truths to which it calls us spread like wildfire across the U.S.-- and may those who do not know Christ see the difference in those who do, and be converted to Christ, for God’s glory!!! :thumbsup:

If you’d like to read a forum from another site with much more negative opinions:

debates the Manhattan Declaration while snarling at the Catholics on the site (who give as good as they get).


I am interested in how to find out how many Catholic leaders (including bishops) signed the M.D.

Thanks in advance for help. I already checked out the MD web site.

God bless,

The Manhattan Declaration has been in existence for six months now. Does anyone know whether it has had any practical effects (other than people signing it)?

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