Manifestations of God's Omnipotence


Just as God at times uses His angels to deliver a message, so too, He uses His priests to work. It is mediation, and it dose not diminish the Mediation of Christ; on the contrary, such angelic and priestly mediation is actually a manifestation of His Mediation. Other manifestations are prayer, works of mercy, and fasting.

There are many manifestations of God’s Omnipotence in the world: the Mysteries of Christ, the Catholic Church, the created powers and laws, science, philosophy, schools, evolution, order, matter, time, space, families, and every creature. These various types of mediations show to man the glory of God, who works in mysterious ways for the good of all of His children.


Continued reflections…

The manifestations of His Omnipotence not only glorify God but also vanquish evil and increase goodness, the consummtion of creation, for which all exists and which is caused by and for Him. For example, the Resurrection of Christ guarneteed man’s resurrection in Him the New Adam. And the Assumption of Mary guarenteed man’s hope of the resurrection in Him. The Assumption is not necessary, per se, though necessary in that God dose nothing wasteful but always useful and good and that He created and ordered all things in such a way that the Assumption is necessary in accordance to said creation and order, but it dose act as an extra defeat against evil, a seconary means of crushing Satan’s head; it is as if God created both the Resurrection and the Assumption so as to guarentee beyond a shadow of a doubt the good of the glorification of mankind, as if - against evil - He created a fortress around man, with two large gates: the event of the Resurrection of Christ and the event of the Assumption of Mary. This isn’t to say that either event is the most important of His work, though both are very important, but rather, that God used all means of order and goodness to defeat evil, glorifying His Omnipotence and assuring man’s safety: not out of fear, as if had He not done all He had evil would be victorious, but out of love, for He is Love Itself.

But not only dose God’s work increase goodness and vanquish evil and move all things to the End, Christ, who will be the Beginning of eternity, being both Alpha and Omega, but also, and again because He is both First and Last, Christ is the reason all things exist. Without Him, there would no Judgment Day, no creation, nothing at all. He who is God in the flesh, He who is the marriage of Heaven and Earth, Creator and creation, Infinite and finite, Mercy and sinner, Love and beloved, Eternal and temporal, is the reason all exist. Christ is the First of our joy and the Last of evil’s misery, for in Him God has redeemed us and triumphed over wickedness. And because of His Hypostatic Union, Providence and free-will cooperate, God’s works work, and all things are ordered and arranged according to His Most Holy Will; in short, because of Jesus Christ, all things exist, and, all things exist for Him. He is both the Reason of their existence and the Cause of their existence; He is the Beginning and the End, Source and Summit, of all good things, of every grace, of all and every thing which God has caused, is causing, and will cause: He is the Totality of Charity, Active Love and Mercy, and Justice, and Holiness - in a word, God.


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