Manny Pacquiao Banned from LA Mall

I really do not know what else to say. I just thought I’d share this with all of you…

Peace and all good!

This is getting to be pretty common now. :mad: Tolerance is for everyone except people who disagree with the party line. Any business that barred people who spoke in favor of same sex unions would be prosecuted by the thought police. Equal protection under the law really is in the constitution, but only for those who are more equal than the majority. Even George Orwell would find this strange.

The comments on the Examiner article are some vile and upsetting. This one especially made me pissed:

It’s very disturbing that people take the bible literally. It’s rhetoric written by power hungry men 2000 years ago who wanted to control people and here we are, over 2000 years later and people still take this Dark Ages ideology serious. If you have your beliefs that’s fine, keep it where it belongs, in the church, your home or with people who think like you do. Religion is a dangerous weapon, especially in the hands of ignorant, intolerant people.


Wow. That is rather sickening. I can’t believe they would ban him just for speaking his mind. And Manny is right, “gay marriage” is wrong.

Wait, the statement said that The Grove is not a place for intolerance. However, by banning him, they are being intolerant.

I find this disturbing…And I am quite sure his voters would agree…Unfortunately i see it as a sign of the times and another attack on Christianity…and Christian values…We already see a New Age religion and the move towards a New World Order ( I vow to step up my prayers against both ) The sanctity of life…marriage…and the family are continually getting eroded and undermined… in the name of “rights” … ie… The mother’s “right” to choose etc… But the “right” to voice Christian values is frowned upon and considered old fashioned… I really worry about the world… it kills it’s citizens before they are born and allows same sex marriages.

May Jesus be forever praised, blessed and adored throughout this world!!
Jesus, Mary, I love You…Save souls!!
" Father forgive them… they know not what they do!"
St Michael pray for us!!

Meh… disgusting. I’m glad he stuck by his principals.

Its not as if Manny even goes to this mall?

Way to go PacMan!

New definition of tolerance-

n., You can believe whatever you want so long as you keep your mouth shut and go with the program. Whoever fails to do so shall not be tolerated.

He had something sceduled at the mall, which was relocated due to the ban, which has since been lifted.

The Grove Lifts Ban Against Manny Pacquiao Following Gay Marriage Misquote - the interviewer who interviewed Pacquiao said Packquiao did not quote Leviticus 20:13 and was misquoted.

But to me, that is besides the point - I can not believe this story is real. Even if Pacquiao quoted Leviticus 20:13, that would be his freedom of speech and right as an American, and is not against the law. You can not ban somebody unless they break the law. I think Rick Caruso had a personal agenda and I do not think what he did was legal. A public mall can ban somebody for exercising their constitutional right of freedom of speech? How is that legal?

Pacquiao Banned from L.A. Mall for Same-Sex Marriage Opposition

The left wants to claim intolerance here, but it is surely the highest form of intolerance not to allow a religious person who openly expresses him or herself onto the premises of an outdoor shopping mall. In fact, The Grove features a kosher hot dog stand frequented by Orthodox Jews, virtually all of whom oppose same-sex marriage. Will Caruso ban them? Are all of those who believe in traditional scriptural interpretation, and who oppose same-sex marriage, no longer welcome at Caruso’s myriad establishments?

Caruso is an emissary of the leftist thought police who say that you don’t deserve the privileges of decent treatment if you “haven’t evolved.” Pacquiao has done nothing to harm or mistreat gays or lesbians; he actually says he has a gay relative, and that gays and lesbians can’t do anything about their orientation because they were born that way. But that’s not enough – he has to bow to the politically correct same-sex marriage crowd or be barred from the premises.

There is a question as to whether Caruso legally can bar Pacquiao from the premises based on statements Pacquiao has made outside The Grove. In fact, even were Pacquiao to “reasonably exercise” his right to free speech at The Grove, it is likely that the California Supreme Court would uphold his right to do so without being kicked off the premises.

Caruso is in the wrong both morally and legally here. But don’t expect the leftist press to call him out on it. When it comes to bullying, the true bullies are the leftists who maintain that in order to be treated as a normal human being, you must agree with them. And even the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet can’t avoid their heavy fist.

I would not shop there now. I am never going to contribute to that mall.

Manny Pacquiao upholds his religious beliefs and gets tons of flak.
Dan Savage badmouths Pope Benedict XVI and a lot of people celebrate it.
Hypocrisy! :mad:

Thank you for this. I still see people slamming Pacquiano, even though he didn’t say whay some quoted him as saying.

“I hereby demand both Weir and Romero to apologize to Pacquiao,” Ampong wrote. “They, being writers for USA Today and LA Weekly respectively, should have a better reading comprehension than I do, rhetorically.”…

According to reports, Pacquiao embraced Catholicism in recent months following marital problems with his wife.

And may God bless him!

I felt so sick to my stomach yesterday when I posted this that I could not find the words to say. :frowning:

God bless Manny, a guy who emerged from poverty but never forgot about God even after his riches and fame started.

Or principles:thumbsup:

I don’t think Pacquiao is an American, but in any event the mall is a private enterprise so could ban Pacquiao or all Catholics or all heterosexuals if they wanted to - they’d go out of business, but they could do it. (See Augusta National Golf Club as an example of a private enterprise that can “ban” a particular group of people).

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