Man's Cycle from Siberia a Spiritual Journey

Cycling home from Siberia was the adventure of a lifetime for Rob Lilwall. He risked everything including his life to take on the mammoth trip.

The journey of 30,000 miles through 28 countries took more than three years.

In 2004, Lilwall gave up his job as a geography teacher and left the comfort of his London home to board a one way flight to Siberia, taking only basic necessities and his trusty bicycle.

He was immediately confronted with the life-threatening challenge of cycling through the harsh Russian winter in temperatures of -40 degrees celcius.

“I wanted to really challenge myself and do something which really stretched me to the limit and I wanted to learn about the world,” Lilwall said. “I think a bicycle is a brilliant way to explore the world because you’re at ground level and you meet a lot of people.”

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That’s not a spiritual journey, that’s a bike ride. :smiley:

hmmm… here in Iowa, we have an annual bike ride (only 26 miles) during the first week of February. Its called the Brr Ride (Bike Ride to Rippey) and goes out regardless of the weather. But an extended tour with temps of -40C? (which is also -40F)… that’s another story. The article doesn’t say where he slept but it appears he was hauling his own gear. I think camping would be a challenge in that environment.

The author’s passage through Afghanistan might be the more interesting portion of the book. “I just cycled really fast and prayed really hard and it turned out okay,” he said. “It was pretty terrifying, but nearly everybody I met there was very friendly and kind.”

Ah… okay. Being English may have helped. I think an American might have gotten more hostility. And he was filmed extensively during his journey, so a TV crew was dogging him for at least part of the trip… this too may have helped (e.g. to deter bandits.)

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