Man's Knee With Arthritis Improves After Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells For Arthritis
A patient who underwent stem cell therapy to treat his arthritic knee has proof in the form of MRIs showing how the adult stem cells helped his arthritis. Vassilis Ferentouros, a 49 year old man from Greece says he can feels no pain in his knee after the treatment that used stem cells taken from his hip.

Stem Cell Research Helps Arthritic Knee
Vassilis had arthritis, edema and osteonecrosis of his left knee. MRI reports showed edema and an osteonecrosis of the femoral condyle. Facing the prospects of an artificial knee, Vassilis looked at what stem cell research had to offer. That was when he contacted the Xcell Center in Germany, a stem cell treatment center that uses only the patient's own stem cells.

Process of stem cells for arthritis

  1. A small amount of bone marrow is drawn from the patient's hip
  2. The stem cells are then separated from the bone marrow at the XCell-Center’s EU certified cGMP laboratory.
  3. The adult stem cells are then injected into the affected joint- in Vassilis' case, his knee stricken with arthritis

Vassilis says --

The post-treatment MRI showed a distinct decrease of the subchondral edema. Prior to my stem cell treatment I was neither able to walk nor drive a car without pain medication. I immediately stopped taking the pain medication after therapy and my pain diminished. I was able to run 50 meters a few weeks ago, which is tremendous progress for me.

Speaking Perfect Sense On Adult Stem Cell Treatment

Currently, I am trying to lose the excess weight. To me stem cell therapy seemed like the best, last resort. Compared to the more invasive, time consuming, physically straining surgical options that were offered to me, stem cell therapy appears to be a minimally invasive, cost effective procedure that has brought me excellent results.

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I read somewhere that there are over 400 treatments & cures with Adult stem cells. Great stuff and ethical, too.

I love these stories. Please keep them coming.:thumbsup:

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