Manson Follower Susan Atkins Denied Release

"CHOWCHILLA, Calif. — Susan Atkins, the terminally ill Charles Manson follower who admitted stabbing actress Sharon Tate 40 years ago, lost what was likely to be her last bid for freedom.

Atkins, who suffers from brain cancer, slept through most of the four-hour hearing Wednesday during which her husband-lawyer pleaded for her release and families of victims of the Sharon Tate-Labianca killings urged that she be kept behind bars until she dies".,2933,546023,00.html

Apparently she would have done better if she’d brought down and airliner.

Too bad for her that she isn’t in Scotland and doesn’t have oil to barter with.



I find it funny when an American makes a dig at Scotland’s release of a prisoner due to compassion( which applies to everyone) and say its for oil, I mean haven’t you dragged us into two wars for oil ??

As a matter of fact, no. If we did, why aren’t we operating all oil activities in Iraq?

You released a man who targeted innocent people and was sentenced to life in prison for his crime. Because you wanted oil from a dictator, you let the terrorist go. That’s not compassion, that’s barter.



to get the thread back on topic, i am glad that her release was denied. after what she did,
i would say that death in prison from brain cancer will be easier to endure than what sharon tate endured the night she and her baby died.

i don’t think she should be released because she is suffering a terminal illness. many people die in prison while suffering terminal illnesses.

Its werid because I just got done having a dream where i was watching a film that was a biography of Charles Mansion

Good, I see no reason why a mass killer should be released from jail for health reasions! She should have to pay a heavy price for her actions, while I don’t think it should be death. This sends a message to other would-be killers that their lives won’t be pleasent in jail thus saves lives.

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