Mante t'ao and Mormonism

This made me think.
How easily Mante T’ao. was fooled or made up a crazy story does this say anything about the lds faith ?
It sounds very joesph smith like

I don’t quite see any real connection between lying about a girlfriend and the Mormon faith. Almost all men are being guilty of liars. It’s more a statement on man’s fallen nature than it is the specific spiritual lie he is following.


The specific spiritual lie he is following** is** a statement on man’s fallen nature. Here is what I posted elsewhere on the subject:

He is a missionary in disguise at ND. “I have a girlfriend” was most probably an excuse for disinterest in Catholic girls. After all, missionaries are not supposed to get in romantic relationships while on their mission.

No connection at all. If anything he’s been TOO trusting and TOO Christian. As childish as it may seem to fall for a woman sight-unseen; we live in a day and age where this happens. Even to adults.

As Catholics, there is MUCH about Mormonism that we strenuously disagree with, but Te’o’s faith had NOTHING to do with this. At the moment, all we know is that Te’o was supposedly duped in a hoax. Like in Punk’d on MTV. Give the kid a break… I know if I were embarassed like he was I wouldn’t even want to go outside!

Why don’t we discuss the scumbags that did this to him? (provided that Te’o was not a part of this hoax)

PS: Any way we can edit the title of the thread to spell Manti Te’o’s name correctly?

I dunno…following ficticious stories and people seems awfully LDS

and, creating them does, too…in the event he was the one, as some reports indicate who conjured up the fake girlfriend

Was Jim McMahon a Catholic missionary at BYU when he was an amazing quarterback there? I would LIKE to think that Te’o attended Notre Dame as a student-athlete who loved football.

Also, consider this… might being surrounded by Catholic culture “bring him home”? If you feel so strongly that Te’o is a Mormon evangelist/proselytizer/spy; is it not your duty to inform the staff at Notre Dame that such a man is in their midst? A quick search on the web will get you the needed phone number…

Also, consider this… might being surrounded by Catholic culture “bring him home”? If you feel so strongly that Te’o is a Mormon evangelist/proselytizer/spy;

Given what we know about LDS culture, anyone would know that is the intent from the LDS perspective. No need to inform them on that; if they don’t know it, let them learn on their own. From what I have seen in discussions elsewhere, he is an active LDS, and receives plenty of support from the LDS community.

I would hope that being surrounded by Catholic culture would help in bringing him home.

That’s a minimal connection at best. It’s the same rationale that non-Christians use when they try to find parallels between Christ’s life and pagan myths: “Oh, both involved someone dying and then coming back to life, therefore they must be connected!”

your opinion is noted.

I don’t think it necessarily is a reflection on his LDS faith. I think there are some connections that can be drawn between his faith and his actions, but they would be purely speculative.

Actually, it might be. I am not sure it still is, but Utah used to have the most multi-level sales per capita in the USA. It is THAT mindset…

Manti and Mitt. Two gigantic Mormon hoaxes in less than 90 days. So what else is new out of Brighamland? Anyone who has had business dealings with this cult . . . as I have over many years . . . are aware of the speciousness and artful deception, which is the core of their bizarre creed, designed to gain whatever objectives benefit the “image” of the church, such as the Heisman Trophy and the U.S. Presidency, as “the true religilon of Jesus Christ” with its substantial financial benefits. Both Notre Dame and the Republican Party were cozened. How much will the LDS cult gain from Manti selling his “story”? How many of you remember the “Howard Hughes Will” which somehow turned up in Salt Lake City, but proved to be fraudulent? This is more of the same.

This is so silly. It is no more a reflection on the Mormon faith than it is on the Catholic school he went to.

I am not saying it is a reflection on their faith. Not sure anyone really is. What I am saying is…IF he was the victim of a hoax, that DOES seem to fit the mindset of the Mormon. Not only is the whole thing a hoax, but, as I indicated, Utah is has the most multi-level marketers per capita than anywhere in the country. What does that say? In addition, there are a LOT of “get-rich” schemes in Utah. And do not forget the Mark Hoffman fiasco.

This is a lot like the Priest Scandal. That did NOT reflect on the RELIGION of the Catholic Church, but, according to books like “Good-bye, Good Men” it DID reflect on the type of Priests entering the seminaries in the late 60s and 70s.

Well, the Mormons had a revelation that the Polynesians are descendants of Israel…

from global mormonism

(bold mine)

For the first hundred years of LDS Pacific history, the focus was on Polynesia and Australia. The Church has had an enduring interest in Polynesians. They have been considered descendants of Israel since George Q. Cannon’s revelation to that effect during his missionary days in Hawaii (1850-54), and the presidents of the Church have identified the Polynesians as the posterity of father Lehi in the Book of Mormon. This conviction, and the attendant belief that these peoples deserve special attention, has been backed by considerable Church resources: gathering places in Lanai and Laie, Hawaii, and Mapusaga and Sauniatu, Samoa; schools (French Polynesia and Hawaii had the Church’s first mission schools New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, and Kiribati the latter two being in Melanesia and Micronesia, respectively); translations of scriptures first by missionaries and later by translation services; temples Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, and Sydney, and under construction Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne, Australia; Suva, Fiji; and Kailua-Kona, Hawaii; and the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii, which the Church opened in 1963 to preserve the cultures of the Pacific and to provide employment for students at Church College of Hawaii (now BYU-Hawaii). Nowhere else has the Church created flagship communities with housing, schools, and temples as it has done in Laie, Hawaii; Pesega, Samoa; Liahona, Tonga; and Temple View, New Zealand.

You might as well just say that Polynesians are racially more inclined to be hoodwinked…:rolleyes:

Look, it was a trick on him and then on the media. It has nothing to do with his religion, race, or sport of preference it has everything to do with living in a digital age where someone mixed up the internet with real life. he is a kid who got tricked about a girl. I have fallen into that category many many many times and I am Catholic. Look at all the people who date on Catholic match, christian mingle, etc… we live in an age where the internet substitutes for reality. I’ll bet you are shocked to know my name is not moore and I dont believe you are baptized texas knight…:eek::eek::eek:
But that realization has nothing to do with weather or not we are Catholic…

As a side note, the only reason this is even a story is because someone had the audacity to hoodwink the media. think about it two championship games were played in the NFL this weekend and a sports star admitted to cheating drug use and fraud and giving false hope to dying cancer patience yet the “outrage” and all the media focuses on is that a young man told a story about a fictional girlfriend… That is as common as breathing!
This shows crystal clear that the media directs morality and conversation. And this thread shows the human inclination to politicize every thing into your “side” ie school shootings:rolleyes:

I woulda said that if Polynesians were as gullible as the group who have more multi-level marketers than anyone else…just sayin…

You should be more charitable.

If we judge an entire religion by business then I guess we should all be jewish…:rolleyes:

See, ignorant stereotypes are not always a good idea. And are certainly not Catholic,

First, it is not uncharitable to speak the truth. At least, it never used to be. And I did not stereotype anyone. I mentioned a statistic and said I am not surprised.

See, judging me is not always a good idea. And it is certainly not Catholic.

take note: “Utah has been named America’s scam capital.”

hope this satisfies your curiosity…

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