Mantilla, help please

HI I am planning to go on a pilgrimage and will soon attend the TLM so I wanted to buy a mantilla…but now I am confused on which color to buy (black or white?) does it make a difference? do they each have a meaning? and what length should I purchase?:shrug:

Thanks mucho!!!:thumbsup:

It depends on your preference. Color does not matter, whatever you are comfy with. Length, same thing. Mine is quite long. A chapel cap will suffice as well as a mantilla. A longish scarf will work too. has manitalls ranging from small scarves to shawl-length coverings.
Scallop and Esther are shorter length, but longer than a regular cap.

Hope that helps!

Color is entirely a matter of taste and preference. Halo-Works also carries mantillas in different colors, not just black and white. You can get something to match your dress! Don’t forget, you can also wear a great looking hat to cover your head, like we did before Vatican II. An advantage of the mantilla is that you can fold it, and carry it in your purse for visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

that is very good to find out some ladies love to wear mantilla. here are the website for you. i still remember one day when i asked the catholic shop’s assistance about chapel veil. and she replied: “what is chapel veil???” … what a shame for a catholics who doesn’t know what about veiling… Whose fault? vatican 2 ???

haha… before i thought it was weird to wear a veil and such… but i have learned more and therefore want to experience more…

as a side note… as i was looking at the merchandise i am really thinking about length… i want something long but not too long that it seems too superfluous… I do not want people to give me weird looks no matter what… its one thing to sin but it is equally important not to cause people to sin by thinking bad thoughts too… hehe the sites you gave me were great! time to go shopping…hehe (at least on payday…:stuck_out_tongue: )

wonder. happy shopping. so which one you already purchased???

Benedicite Deus Grace.

<<what a shame for a catholics who doesn’t know what about veiling… Whose fault? vatican 2>>

Isnt it great to have Vatican 2 to blame things you don’t like on?

Did you stop to think that hats going out of fasion for men and women might have had more to do with it than V2 as such?

I have just received as a gift a beautiful Spanish mantilla…which was incredibly difficult to find and very expensive. My mother has just returned from a jaunt to Spain.

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