Manure could fuel data centres, HP says

Manure could fuel data centres, HP says

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Giving new meaning to the term “server farm,” a team of Hewlett-Packard researchers has come up with a plan for combining cow chips and computer chips to build an environmentally friendly data center - powered by manure.

HP scientists have proposed using a biogas recovery system that would convert livestock waste into methane, to be used as fuel to generate electricity for data centers - those cutting-edge computer facilities that serve as the nerve centers for an increasingly Internet-dependent world.

In turn, the system would use the heat produced by the banks of server computers - sometimes referred to as server farms - to assist the process of converting the animal waste into fuel.

Methane a ‘green house gas’? It’s more than that apparently. :slight_smile:

It’s not just COW manure!

It’s not just for breakfast anymore. rofl :slight_smile:

After considerable thought on environmental concerns, I believe that the root of the problem is this: PEOPLE are bad for the environment. Get rid of us, and the environment will be fine.:wink:

Congratulations, now you see the true goal of the watermelons.

On a related note, this just was posted on the thread Radical Environmentalism: Now Global Warming Causes Prostitution?:

Cow farts collected in plastic tank for global warming study


Here’s another global warming jihad…by taxation. I reckon it’s about time we ask vegetarians to reconsider their positions. :smiley:

You think you’re just joking, right? Look here.

I’m about 70% sure it’s serious, not satire. But only because nobody puts THAT much time and effort into satire. :rolleyes:

So I guess that means I’ll have to eat some beef tonight to save the planet in the words of the Clinton’s **“For The Children.” **


O’kay how do I charitably call these people idiots :slight_smile:

Dang, just when I thought I was on to something. I love their slogan “Thank you for not breeding.”:rolleyes:


And please! Use recycled wood [charcoal] to cook it with.

Thank you.

I used Oak Lump:

I saw the thread title and thought immediately:

Manure used to fuel server rooms?

Why not?

Manure’s powered much of our government for decades.


Sometimes we may need language that isn’t quite charitable.
Or not always polite anyway. Our Lord didn’t always hold back.


“can’t change a lightbulb”

“skill set to be food tasters”

“propeller beanies”

clueless: “people who don’t have a clue”

feckless: "people who … [nevermind]

candidates for the Darwin Award


Is this a new twist on “Garbage In-Garbage Out”?

I wonder how many mainframes they could power if they put a dome over the White House and the Capitol Building?

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