Many are Called by Scott Hahn


what are your thoughts on this book, obviously a discernment type of book why I put it on the vocations board. But what audience do you think would most enjoy this or take the most from it.

a young man who is just discovering his calling to priesthood
a young man who has a very good idea that God is calling him to be a priest but isn't 100% certain
a man who is about to enter seminary, and has very litlle doubt about his calling to priesthood.


Just to clarify, but I think many are called by God, not Scott Hahn. :wink:


sounds like a good book i havent read it can you provide some details


lol haha


[quote="Joe_5859, post:2, topic:244870"]
Just to clarify, but I think many are called by God, not Scott Hahn. ;)


you could say that its by God who is speaking through Scott Hahn.


A priest gave me this book around a year ago. At the time I was curious about the priesthood, but thought that it was something I just couldn’t do because half of my family is Jewish and my dad is an atheist and we don’t get along. After reading it, i got a lot more curious. My mind is very fuzzy because my mild dyslexia made it difficult to get through. but one part that i remember is a situation that scott described. he said that he was on a plane that got delayed and that everyone seemed very irritated. he saw a priest and asked if he could hear his confession. after scott was done, he saw that a line has formed and after every one was done, they all started talking and laughing.

i think that it may be good for someone who is just discovered there calling


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