Many Arrested Inauguration Day Protesters Will Face Felony Rioting Charges, Prosecutors Say


The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the offense is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. The office said most of those arrested will be released without having to post bail and must return to court in February.

                                                    That's the maximum though, and I doubt any of them will get jail time. Still, if it puts the fear of God into them and ends there careers as professional rioters I think it's a good thing.


How many will return to court in February?

I hope they get jail time and are fined.


I hope they are people who actually rioted but not protestors just caught in the path of disorder.


It’s good that they’re trying to put a stop to it, that at least means the protests are disruptive and are making an impact. The best thing that can now happen is for protesters to not be intimidated by this.


Regular, there was damage done by some of those people. I may not like Trump and I may sympathize with a peaceful protest against him. But that’s no excuse for rioting where they set a limo on fire, smash in shop windows, and throw bricks/rocks at the police.


Why would they be? The protesters are not the ones hurt by the criminal behavior.


Any act of violence that destroys property or injures another citizen within Washington DC proper should be considered an act of domestic terrorism and the minimum sentence should be 90 days.



The “protesters” were videotaped breaking windows of Starbucks and other stores and setting fires.

The “protesters” also blocked traffic and then inner city residents complained that their bus trips were interrupted. The “protesters” also destroyed bus shelters where the inner city people which had been provided for inner city residents to wait for buses out of the weather.

So, your position is that “protesters” should not be intimidated but should continue to break things.


I hope that these rioters are at least forced to pay for the property damage that they inflicted on innocent people and businesses.


Some/many of the “protesters” were wearing masks, which I have been informed is a crime in and of itself.


When the same type of riots happened in Kiev, many people on the right were cheering, but they seek “justice” when riots of lesser intensity occur during Trump’s inauguration.

See this video.


Whenever the left protest, anarchists and communists will appear.


The looney Left keeping up their reputation as the violent fascists. Same old, same old.

I’d like to see Trump’s administration address this.

Destruction of property and business does not get a pass as ‘protesting’ just because you are deemed to be of a certain political persuasion.

I don’t see Trump’s supporters acting this woefully nor the supporters of McCain and Romney when they lost.

There is something very frightening about the arrogance and entitlement of these fascist displays.


You do realize the irony of calling protestors fascist as you support harsher penalties against protest of the state?


I was stupified to see your comment. Then, I saw your title.
Our first ammendment gives us the freedom of SPEECH!! How did we get marching and rioting as part of SPEECH.
Rent a convention hall get TV coverage and speak and complain all you want to.
Be comfortable while complaining. Paid protesters should be outlawed. They don’t know what they’re protesting and they’re the ones who riot.
A Ferguson native got a mega horn and yelled don’t destroy our community. If not from here leave. That was brave and delightful to see. Have an issue like cops
Killing erroneously,SPEAK LOUD!! But, it should only be people in that community.
They need not suffer more w destruction.
Can you imagine, you are a family that owns a store. It’s your kid killed. Then they
Destroy your store. No sense in rioting by strangers.

Wisdom is for all people. How to impart it to any of us is a tough job, Lord.
I don’t always learn from my mistakes. That leaves you shaking your head in heaven. The intricacies of plant life, the universe, our human body leaves me in awe. A bang cannot produce order. Intelligent design has structure.
Simply, I am honored you called me to your family. Feeling your love is overwhelming. Receiving the miracles you bestowed on me will always leave me thankful. The angels that saved my neck a few times. WOW!


in Christ’s love


As soon as protestors commit criminal acts, they are no longer protestors but criminals.


I have no problem with peaceful protests, but you don’t have the right to block streets or damage property because then you are infringing on other people’s rights.


These violent protesters are not fascists, and neither are the people they wanted to attack. They are anarchists, who engaged in planned premeditated violence, and if some of the more violent ones get some jail time out of this, it won’t mean that we’re becoming a police state because of it. DisruptJ20 came to the capitol for no other reason than to engage in violent behavior.


Agreed. If you want to protest, fine. If you bust out storefront windows, you need to spend 90 days in jail at the very least. People that think this is too harsh need to price the cost of an insurance policy. We all directly or indirectly pay for these things one way or another.


90 days is not really all that harsh. Vandalism, or criminal mischief as it is called in NY, is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail. If the value of the property is over $250, then it becomes a felony punishable by 1-4 years in state prison. Granted, most people are not given the maximum for a first offense, but it is well within the rights of the courts to do so.

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